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Twenty feet from Gable? Instill doesn't see it. Eventually, the wind shifts the wolf sniffs the air and bolts into the trees and Gable starts collecting evidence. And in the creek bed. I could see wolf tracks just everywhere, and then I found fish scales. Scattered across the creek Bank as well. And I started finding bits of like the suckers and northern pike. That were there. Scientists have long known that wolves on the Pacific coast hunt spawning salmon, but this was the first time researchers documented wolves eating freshwater fish to supplement their diet, then this spring they noticed wolves were back in the same spot. So they set up video cameras capturing footage of a wolf snatching a big fish out of the creek at night, but it doesn't just wolf it down. Instead it carries the fish on shore and drops it kind of like an angler putting a fish on a stringer, and then it returns to kill another one while the fishing is good. And I'm guessing it learn probably. Through trial and error that it was a much more efficient strategy to kill the fish sort of in one out. And then spend your time eating them later Gable? And his colleagues have made some other surprising discoveries wolves in voyageurs national park feast on a lot of blueberries in the summertime they also eat a lot of beaver, but instead of chasing them they lie in wait sometimes for hours to ambush them. Steve windows wildlife biologists said voyageurs national park says the research confirms just how adaptable and opportunistic wolves are quite successful pretty much any environment in North America. A big remaining question is just how significant these food. Sources are John herbs studies wolf behavior with the Minnesota DNR which is not affiliated with this research. It's just a question of it wasn't a nice extra meal, or or does it have actual numeric influence on the wolf population, or the pack. Researchers plan to pursue some of those. Larger questions by placing GPS collars on.

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