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I think that job's going to be there forever. I think he's dame, I don't think he's ever leaving. I think the coaching staff, Taylor Jenkins is phenomenal. Front up. Turn it to Taylor Jenkins who gave a tribute to their PR man who just left Jason Wallace. Yesterday, that was a really cool moment. Again, I'm telling you you do enough stories and you realize just how much it means when teams build a chemistry build a culture when you feel like the person next to you actually cares about your success. I think that translates to what happened on what happens on the floor. Yes, shout out to Jason Wallace, shout out to Taylor Jenkins. But it's also and this is just looking in the short term in the Western Conference. Their path to the finals going forward. It's like Chris Paul's not gonna be around forever. All respect to Phoenix, but when he leaves, they'll just be different. Forever. Yep. If the Utah Jazz don't go to the Conference Finals this year. Yeah. So it's like Denver looks like they will be Memphis. Dallas will be a thing going forward assuming that they're able to eventually get a second star around Luca. Maybe they don't even need one. And I think the clippers are good with the title next year. I'm just saying that I've been a firm believer in that, but Kawhi and those guys aren't going to be around forever either. So it's just like maybe the pelicans rise with Zion. I don't know. I mean, how old is jaw? Like 22? He's 22 years old. Yeah. I mean, in 5 years, he's going to be in his prime. God willing no injuries. And all those teams you mentioned are just they're going to be too old. All those players are going to be too old and it's going to be his league. It's going to be Lucas league. It's going to be jokic's league. Yeah. So I'm glad we had this discussion. I've wanted to have it for a minute. Jazz is fantastic. He's the most exciting player. In the league, love watching me, because he's basketball, the girls isn't going to have so many nationally televised games next season. It's sick. It's honestly awesome, incredible. Shout out to the grindhouse, man. Shout out to Memphis. They get up for playoff games. I love the atmosphere there. I hope they are bringing Zach Randolph and Tony Allen and some of their old heroes back before their playoff games this year to just get the crowd whipped up into a frenzy. I hope I get to make it out to Memphis for a playoff game. I'm really excited for their playoff run. Agree Memphis is also one of the best places I've ever watched a game. In person and I think that'll do it for today's show. Thank you so much for being yourself. Thank you to our listeners for all your wonderful emails. Please keep them coming to open floor mail at Gmail dot com. That's open floor mail at Gmail dot com. We will check you later this week. Until then everybody please.

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