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Rounds of ammunition a gunbattle ensued georgia's armed with an uzi submachinegun but was wounded by david's followers and fled vernon installer words were all brought up on state charges of attempted murder his followers were tried in waco court after the twoweek trial they were all acquitted vernons case ended in a mistrial vernons fourth wife seventeen year old robin bonds later said that seeing him cry at that trial touched her heart it drew her closer to him the only man she'd ever seen cry it's easy is an outsider to see how manipulative he was being but vernons believers just saw his emotional behavior in court as evidence of his humanity a few months later george was arrested on an unrelated attempted murder charge with no one at the helm of mount carmel the compounds finances went into disarray by 1988 vernon had gotten the money together to pay back taxes on the land he officially took over meanwhile judges life took a steep downward turn he managed to stay out of jail for awhile but two years later and 1989 he came to believe that has roommate had been sent by his old rival vernon to kill him george shot and killed the man he was tried and found not guilty by reason of insanity he was locked up in big spring state hospital ironically george outlived his rival by a number of years but he never regained his sanity he was found on the grounds of big springs dead of a heart attack after his last attempted escape in 1998 he was sixty years old around the time vernon officially reclaimed mount carmel hang legally changed his name to david koresh so we'll be using his new name going forward karesh his name change was inspired by the branch davidian sect name rather than the other way around his first name was taken from king david and paresh is the hebrew version of another anointed won the persian king cyrus it's worthwhile.

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