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They had they had stretches season. They didn't play well at all. But boy, when it's time for the games, the count and you've got Diana Terada to wanna Bader and brittney Griner, they've been really, really good and probably the scary thing a little bit for the storm is actually, Diana Terachi hasn't played lights out the last couple of games she's played well. But if she has one of the lights out games, that's gonna be really tough for the storm. Even though they are the home team and the number one seed, Joe, I want us little big picture question here. You got two games to series going down to a game five in a year where WNBA TV numbers are up pretty substantially. What is it about the WNBA this year is starting to get a little momentum. I think there's a lot of good players. I mean, I just can't really underestimate how big of a factor that is have watched the league since it started the the talent level and skill level has just gone up dramatically. And the other issue is the coaching has gotten a lot better. I mean, that used to be an in some cases, it was a joke at the beginning of the league, and that's not the case anymore. Every team has good coach as good staff. They really game plan. Well, and then you've got this group of kids now who actually grew up one in planet WNBA. You know, it's been around for Asia Wilson. It's been around, you know her entire life. So they've aimed for that. And I think you seeing, you know, the fact that they have that aim for and plan for it's, it's able to help them become a lot better players and be ready to play professionally. Awesome stuff. Michelle, enjoy the games and you will be in. Lanta for that missed extreme eight PM eastern on ESPN two. Everyone can follow along at Michelle v..

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