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Your need it on your skin they called psoriasis clocks and they're very good comforting uh they they sometimes become inflamed uh aesthetically of sure that you're concerned with it because it's just not a good thing and hardware garter let me just stop you from momma partial pustules psoriasis on the feet own way out so pustules rises so you have a form that is a little bit different but it is all so it's it's a form of psoriasis so what happens is how you suppress this information uh do you have any other medical conditions uh no no so you know how habits but that's a different issue don't we all i think the fat products for someone like you when i think about that they think about inflammation and the drugs that are now being used to treat through life is our immune suppressing droughts and they're very very very very toxic on the body so kicked herman ultra is a perfect formulation and i'm not saying it's going to sure you but i would like to see how what happens to your pustules psoriasis on kfi criminal trip and do you take an omega3 are you wanted omega3 no i have not done on many years uh a rescue uh you know customer years ago but i i have not done that late way i would say that if you want to reduce inflammation in your body rescue twelve fifty along with the cumin ultra are two ways that you can really act on reducing that inflammatory response and maybe suppress seeing the overall production of excess uh in the areas of your feet so that would be my recommendation to you i'd love to hear back from you tell us how you data i'm not saying that it's going to work but it's something that you know when i think about things i think that diseases this is what i would i would it would be helpful yes thank you so much starch bureau an thank you sean for unattainable call thanks.

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