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So we're just talking about your brother. Let's start there. Are you? You're retired. Do you miss football? And are you going to maybe take over your brothers QB whisper because you were more accomplished quarterback? I think it's easy to say that so are, are you like, hey, man enough of this? Like I'm the actual QB whisper, you know that that's the thing that that I think people over estimate is that is that just because you played the game, doesn't mean you can coach it, and coaching is such a different world and so much harder to me than playing. So just because a guy plays, it doesn't mean automatically he can teach it. 'cause saying it and repeating it is so different than teaching something and and it actually sinking in and somebody absorbing it and then being able to implement that into their game, I don't have that that bug to get into the coaching side of it. My brother absolutely loves every aspect of it and loves it. So I'm definitely not getting into coaching. You will not see me on the sidelines wearing a headset like this, or, you know, wanting to. Get into that whole world. That's a whole whole nother world, but my brother Jordan's done a really good job and is actually gotta get thing on head. But have you missed like the, you know, it gets late summer the the start smelling like fall. He get a little little chill in the air, the grass, none of it. Really. I, I miss certain aspects I missed the absolutely the games are fun. Practice was fun when when I was when I was playing when you're the quarterback, you don't ever get hit. You know, practice sucks for everybody, but the quarterback in the kicker. So I, I miss certain aspects of it. I think the thing I miss most is just the everyday challenge the every day you gotta be on your representing this team. You representing this big brand. You're the starter, you're, you know, all those things that that challenge of every single day rain or shine sicker in, you know, feeling great, whatever it is you have to be the same person every day, and I enjoyed that. That aspect of its challenge everyday Aussies. Every day, the season, press conferences, team meetings, whatever it is, all those things always having to be on because then all of a sudden you retire and you don't ever have to be on, which is nice. But after a while you start to kinda miss that. So yeah, I miss it was it was, you know, I was reminiscent a little bit on Sunday watching games and but it wasn't like this big hole inside of me. Just eating me away. I missed the game so much. I had my run and had a blast and and was blessed to do it for as long as I was, but it's onto the next for me. See, I think you didn't do like a big retirement thing. I think you can still tell people that you're just playing and like, I think the cardinals might even give you a paycheck because, like I said, like, oh yeah, we have Carson Palmer coming in because he is. He still maybe a practice. Yeah, like what's going on. Did you don't know how the time line worked out, but did Bruce Arians tell you that he wasn't coming back before you retired, or what was that? How'd that sequence go? I knew a couple of weeks before he. Announced his retirement. He was retiring. Would you have come back if he had done another house done? Done, no matter. Water me that was it. Yeah. You gotta know in say win. 'cause when you don't know into, say win, it can get really ugly, and I would love to play till I was forty five like Brady's talking about, but your body only gives you so many years and so many throws. And so many drops in so many hits and I, I knew it was time my my body was telling me it was time. So it was an easy decision for me. Is there a point in time because the raiders looted to beginning, you know, the raiders had some trouble in the last fifteen years or so, was their time when you're with the raiders you're like, this might be it like this. This could be done?.

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