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Place. Find your next great hired and visit indeed dot com slash credit. Kevin Brennan WBZ traffic on the threes. 74 degrees in Boston right now, Plenty of sunshine Today. An afternoon shower, though, is possible later high in the low eighties and mid seventies at the beaches today tonight, Clear and comfy dropping to about 64 tomorrow Beautiful bright sunshine High near 80 looking at Wednesday. Mix of clouds and sunshine High 82. Some showers are likely looks like tomorrow night and then mostly cloudy on Thursday with some rain on the way high 78 Live local hand. Fiercely independent, This is WBZ NewsRadio. Happy Labor Day to you. Good Monday morning. I'm Tina Gal. Here are the five things you need to know. A 10 15 an early morning fire this morning on Perthshire Road in Brighton. One person is dead. Eight other residents forced out. One resident and two firefighters were injured. Boston's preliminary mayoral election is just eight days away. Boston's acting mayor Kim Jamie, leading the fundraising race with currently over $1.5 million raised since January, Covid 19 continuing to wreak havoc with the Red Sox roster, 11 players on the Covid 19 injure list and two more Nick Bavetta and Danny Santana added yesterday. Rally man is being called a hero after rescuing a neighbor from her burning home Sunday, 20 years after a fire inside his own home, claimed the lives of his wife and two young kids back now to our top story this Monday morning Labor Day 2021 health officials warning holiday travel and crowded football games and concerts over this holiday weekend. Could likely lead to a surge of covid 19 cases. ABC Andrew Denberg has more from New York Delta variant is driving the national average caseload back up to nearly 150,000 infections a day 13 times what it was in June hospitals struggling.

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