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To him, saying once again, everybody manipulated audio coming from all Russian directions. What was that source? Did you decided? Her name is Carla Jinx. She's a woman long. What the hell is a Karla Jinx? That's a real name, she replies. He's from Fort Worth, Texas. Nobody has the last name of Jinx J I n Ks Fort Worth, Texas You have to disown that name was given to you. He has nine to go through life being called the jinx. She has 90 followers, which is 90 more than you have and through, Alright, but less than Debra Mark and this one Min is accusing us of being manipulated by Russians with that audio, No one doctored audio equipment women. How do you get a hold of this? When she's only got 90 followers, where she replied to Donald Trump Jr. Oh, I say okey retweeted the clip of our show. This is what happens when you go down the Twitter whole. Well, I'm just telling you, that's that's all I said is. This is the first true I got a check from Putin and you've got a vaccine. You gotta vaccines right? She must have heard about the Russian vaccine. That was the trade. That was it exactly how you were manipulated. In fact, I said to the guy I said, you give me a free Russian vaccine and will play the doctored audio clip. Barbara Barbara for didn't actually say that somehow the Russians lated they played around with the audio to say the right will not open school. Still after election That's great man. It's still September. This is already wild. Well, speaking of all that yesterday's fun also included the walk back at the announcement of the county Department of Public Health than Halloween trick or treating his band. Well, no, it was switched to not recommended. There must have been some blowback. Here is l. A county supervisor Catherine Bargor, and she's talking to Fox Elevens Alex Michaelson, and she seems she can't believe that they would even consider doing you know, One thing we talked about at length yesterday is how Bargor and the rest of the L. A County supervisors never see seemed to be in sync with Barbara Ferrer or Garcetti, for that matter, and on numerous occasions in the last six months. All three entities. The Public Health Department, the county Board of Supervisors, and Garcetti have have been at odds with each other on some major policy. Her daily updates include the Board of Supervisors. Barker's usually there sometimes until the police there together at like one o'clock every day, and they frequently have opposing viewpoints on major policy announcements. Well, let's listen to this interview Alex Michael, seven. Katharine Parker L. A County supervisor, Katherine Barker. So so where are we at now? And what happened with the messaging on this? Reversal. I push back this was not something that was fully betted through public health and, quite frankly, came as a shock to me this morning when I turned on the news and saw this clearly this was an overreach by personnel within public health. Actually, Even Dr Pereira was not aware that that that guideline was being released. He's turned me on several levels. First of all, communication is important. And so you know, something like this is a wake up call to all of us that we need to be vigilant as it relates to the information getting out there and who is releasing it, But this was not a flip flop. This never should have seen the light of day because, quite frankly. Is not realistic, and it's it's actually I think, counterproductive. I keep telling people you can't do this. You can't do that. Eventually, we're going to stay. You can't tell me what to do. I think parents know how and what it say for their Children and banning trick or treating, I think is absolutely ridiculous. There's a safe way to do it. And the irony is not lost on me that a lot of these kids do wear masks. And yet we're telling them they can't go out and trigger tree and they'll be wearing masks. How does that happen? I mean, you got the the county you've got all these different PR agencies that you're spending the communications department. There's the county Communications Department for public Health. Where's the disconnect here? Because this is not the first time that we've seen the county say something and then have to sort of walk it back because of confusing messages. Absolutely. The other instances were different personal. That's got nothing to do with the PR firm. This had do directly internally with Dr Ferrer and her staff, and I'm gonna leave it to her to explain to us who decided they could release that information without being vetted through Dr Pereira or even the board. Would you believe it to her? Why don't you fight at the answer and tell us you're the head of the county supervisors? You could try this one. I noticed yesterday we were reading from these documents from the Lake County Department. Public health. You had one dated September 5th basic. That's a Saturday. Maybe it was the weekend people that put that out. Well, I think I had the one from 99, which was a Tuesday or Wednesday. I think that's why it did make news until Yesterday because nobody noticed it over the Labor Day weekend. The fifth, the sixth, the seventh That's Labor Day weekend. Nobody's looking up County health Well, websites come Thursday, the eighth Wednesday the nine people who start to pay attention Oh Halloween news. Nobody in the news media notice and took a trading. How'd we miss that The government has cannot cancel Halloween. I mean, are they completely out of their minds? There's nobody in government or in the public health department that can wake up and cancel Halloween. Until people that they can't trick or treat for candy. If I get out of here, you can get virtual candy. So go to the Soviet Union. Get out of here. You could have a zoom party and put on your outside Who's the netball Careers office and, like Alex said they paying hundreds of thousands of dollars T too, with these Public relations Cos. One of them is populated by all kinds of sleazy ex politicians like Fabian Nunez. He's good, Yeah, Mercury. He's getting greased up with tax money for this. What the hell are they doing? Why don't they go out of business? Why don't they all quit and leave? By canceling Halloween. Who the hell do these people think they're annoying and she goes? Well, I woke up this morning. I didn't know what you think about it. Those on the websites and Saturday I didn't know anything about it. All right. When we come back, we'll check in on the fire burning in the Angeles National Forest. The one for days now apparently got a little bit bigger overnight. But there seems to be some good good news. Chris and Carlos covering that We'll talk about the fires up north and Oregon a lot more coming up. Johnny can't defy Debra Marquez L. A County sheriff Ian Away Voces. He's close to releasing details of the fatal deputy involved shooting of a man on a bicycle.

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