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News 93 wi PC Mobile News on the level on the go Dismissed Sunny and 74 downtown. I'm Kurt Darling, Here's what's trending at 11 02. Students from North Central High School were sent home early this morning. John Herrick explains why it's because two students got into a fight, and one of them had a knife. The administration says the student who had the knife has been apprehended, and the student who was hurt is receiving medical care. The building was also secured. John Herrick 93 W I. V C Mobile news morning father wants to know why his 17 year old son was murdered. Ross Mitchell was shot to death while playing outside of their home with his little brother on the east side of downtown on Labor Day. Ross Hunt, Mitchell's father tells which T V. C that my son was murdered. So just Cowardly. Somebody had to sneak up on him and shoot him in front of his little brother. For no reason. Police need help finding the shooter, The video and more info at W I b c dot com I m p D needs help finding three men wanted for Carjacking. The three men took someone's car in late August on Georgetown Road, and Police say all three men were black and we're wearing skinny jeans. Record setting growth expected for a northern Indiana RV industry. Ashley found the reports. The industry association says RV makers will ship about 580,000 vehicles this year record and an increase of 34% from 2020. The association says more people have turned to outdoor activities since the start of the pandemic. Several 1000 people work at RV makers and supply companies in and around Elkhart County. Ashley Fowler, 93 wi BC mobile on the morning of 9 11. As the attacks were happening, hundreds of planes in the air at the time had to scramble to land. Kevin Brown was an air traffic controller that morning at the Indianapolis International Airport, always describe it the same way it was organized chaos, Brown says. They essentially had to wing it since they were not trained for a mass landing procedure like that. I'm Kirk darling on the level on the gun..

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