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Well now Matt says yes I had an extramarital affair with her but he is insisting that it was all consensual meanwhile yesterday today co host Savannah Guthrie and Hoda copy called the assault allegations against Matt quote shocking and appalling Sesame Street is going to be taking on America's opioid crisis Carly on the show is going to reveal next season that her mom is struggling with addiction the episode aims to talk about the often unseen victims of addiction and it's the kids Jenna Dewan from world of dance has now been tapped to host flirty dancing not dirty dancing thirty dancing for fox variety says that this dancing dating show sees two people complete strangers learning how to dance routine then they're going to meet for the first time on a blind date where they will dance together without saying wearing weird they keep trying to come up with new concepts for the show Ellen yep we'll see one of these works speaking of a deer coming up just after six o'clock if you've ever wondered which occupations get the luckiest okay in that department thanks to a news survey we now know and I think you're gonna be surprised to find out which occupation gets the busy S. O. to find out and that's coming up after six all right let's get you where you're going on this Thursday morning here's Lisa bass.

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