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Trubisky. I'm not sold on. You have Cohen you have Howard. Howard's a free agent next year. It was great last year. Pearl. More emphasis on the run game. You get the explosiveness and the dynamic. Dual threat of a and you add love EON bell. Yeah. That'd be fun. And you get the bucks from lockenfora as well. So those are some of the teams that could be in play. But spares we take a look at the colts. Texans. Ravens and the jets now for Antonio Brown. Two things you need the right coach. And you're going to have to give up some assets. Now, you know that I came to the patriots. Dolphins doesn't make too much sense. Jets team that could make sense. Now young quarterback. Team to want to bring in and Tonio Brown with young quarterback because of the attitude, and I would still take him. I would even without crazy looks the last few days. I would still take him. I really would moving around and you look around the rest of the football. The raiders are intriguing option just because they have so many picks. So maybe the raiders give up one of those coveted picks. I'm not saying the first round their first round up, but they give him something else. Because of all they have up front, and maybe they say with Gruden and Brown that could be a relationship that does work. Now, you know the ravens Steelers Browns and Bengals if you take a look feels happened. But the ravens are still going to train them to the ravens Browns and Bengals. So where else could potentially make sense? And you wanna take a look at the NFC forty Niners on here. Jimmy G Shanahan get that little marriage cooking. You get that going. Now, we know the talent is there. But how many teams you gotta get scared off Harry teams here to say. Yeah. Best wide receiver in the game by. This last year got missing a few times from the team on a balcony thrown things off. A little bit. With the with the elliptical and the big chess comments and all that and the slaves outlook seventy teams get scared off because of that. Let me go to Nick in Boise Idaho wants to chime in on a lovey. I'm bell conversation. Go ahead neck. The on yet so artists I think the raiders it'd be a perfect spot for bell the land just because the way that John gruden's offense has dump it off and let them run, you know, Derek Carr completed how many passes downfield less than thirty percent. I honestly think that the raiders with how many first round draft picks that they have. Would probably be the best spot for Belda to go to you. And you don't need to give up a first round draft pick. Bell? So for Antonio Brown. You have to have something for bells is going to be a free agent. So you don't have to give up anything to get him. It would just be you know, there's a compensatory pick down the line at the Steelers would get, but you don't have to give up anything to to get bell Browns and different case, though, the the cap space always one fifty mill that would at least we'd be able to draft a couple of rookies to to save on the couch. If we wanted to go after bell. Gotcha. Yeah. And you know, what he wants fifty mill over two years. I want a Peter Luger steak right now in a Ferrari to drive home in it doesn't mean I'm gonna get it fifty million over two years is a lot of money at a position that in the eyes of owners and executives. It's not valued that much any more to that type of money. Look what he was coming off of then he couldn't get a long term deal that was standard. So he's gonna have to lower the standards a little bit because he's not going to get fifty million over two years. And then some it's not going to happen. You're not gonna get fifty billion the first two years. I agree with that. But appreciate the phone call Nick, thank you so much. But here's another thought what happens if you get Tonio Brown and Levy on bell. And you continue that Steeler tandem that duo somewhere else. Imagine the jets get Antonio Brown and love EON bell trade for be sign. Love EON, bell raiders. And I have to look at all the cap situations here, but raiders trade for a B sign levian bell. That'd be fun that would be fun. But we'll find out and we'll see where they end up going for bell. You can tell you is going to go now. It's not going to be what fits them best stock going to be where he thinks he can win a championship. Is getting all of his money. And I'm okay with that approach. And people get a Manny Machado always never gonna win in San Diego ten years. Three hundred billion never gonna win never gonna win. Never gonna win. You know what? Sometimes. This is a business that people forget that. And sometimes you got take her. The most money is an La Belle. We'll take the most money is now Antonio Brown. I can't predict them, and it's going to be via trade he talks about he wants to win. But then he talks about guaranteed money and all that so predicting ham is impossible, but he's constricted more. And the reason why there is restrictions on that. Is because at trade him. And the Steelers you to do what's best for them. What's best for Antonio Brown? Brown. Could be a pain in the you know, what? And that could scare off the team. And we'll see if teams are going to be able to talk to me for that trade goes through to get the answers that they want. But we'll see how that market is export I had fun show. Like, thank Jerry palm for joining us. Thank mad dog Russo. In addition to John MacLean, I'll be back tomorrow. What Michelle for me this week and for Scotty tend to to east coast seven eleven on the west coast and be do my regular Saturday Sunday morning program here on CBS sports radio two to six on the east eleven to three out west carbohydrate, great stuff as always mafia Predication cover high. I will see you many Ana hopefully, get an awful little Jerry duty. Thank you. For listening talk to you tomorrow, eight law, Amy Lawrence coming up next on Gelb. I'm out..

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