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The steel and whatnot above him to power out to save his aunt. May but like. I think in the context of this story and the stories that we're going to talk about that followed it. It's more this idea. It's not just spider-man's grit demeanor. In kind of overcoming his own doubt. It's like he has to use that to legitimately overcome a physical being. That's coming you know that. That's in combat with him. And i think like you know spiderman. Although he is quite strong in and probably stronger than i think a lot of creators you give him credit for by default at the same token all of these villains that we're gonna be talking about here are like above his weight class. So it's it's it's spiderman kind of you know rising to the occasion and not an and using both his brains and his brawn to overcome an opponent which is something that i don't think a lot of people always allow him to do you know it's it's it's kind of usually just one it's usually brain. So that's that's kind of what i think sets the story apart. It's it's more of this like like hand to hand. Combat that elevates it a little bit to a different kind of a story where we're spiderman. It's kinda gritting through it. I mean do you see it that way. Or how do you see it. Yeah no i think you nailed it. I'm really glad you brought up issue. Thirty three the master planner story because it is very similar but there is a key distinction. Which is you know. The master planner story there issue thirty three. He's not really doing it against doc doc. Ach although he does fight if you henchmen it's more just about like the scenario and a ticking clock and i do think that there is an element of that to all be stories. It's like spiderman has to do this before x. y. and z. Or something is someone even weaker than spiderman is set to be victim by it in the case of juggernaut madame web and so he sees himself as almost like the last stand between you know this rampaging force whatever it is and whether you know victim of it could be him but oftentimes it some other external thing. We interesting about these stories that we're going to talk about today. is you know. There's many other stories where spiderman is fought against really powerful baddies words choosing a few that we think are notable. But it is. I think that they keep iterating on each other. And we've almost reached a level where it's become an art form of taking this formula and you know layering additional complications on top of it. You know juggernaut being kind of the basis for all this stuff but yeah i think the main point which is like taking that kind of external like internal dread that spiderman always had. It's like. oh my secret. Cabbie found out or Innocent people can't be be hurt. And i have to stop it and externalizing it in the form of a villain who can stand to break through. All of those things spiderman normally stands up for. Yeah i mean 'cause like the difference between like juggernaut and the tons of steel and thirty three is that you know juggernaut can punch back in the steel can. It's just finding the resolve whereas this it's like he can find their resolve and it still may not be enough. I think that's also kind of the wrinkle with these stories when you when you look at the mall and you mentioned when you mentioned the steel punching back it makes me think of that spidey super stories for. It's got to fight the wall. That's true to your point. I mean like..

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