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You kind of flying right through could be could be probably refusal cheaper to do that. And get. Or two in Madrid because fights to your we get deals all the time. And then as you said budget airlines between Europe, especially down Spain and that area down to Morocco. I've even I've looked cheap. So you probably spending less money all told than if you just book around trip US to to Morocco. Absolutely. And so, yeah, I mean, usually like I've found roundtrips less than one hundred bucks from Paris down to Fezzan defend America. But yeah, I mean, you're always finding deals even for the budget airlines on there. So looking at like, your round trip tickets, you know, depending on where you're coming from the US, you could be looking at you know, about a thousand dollars between your round trip to the US and then also round trip down Morocco from somewhere in Europe. So this is what I tell people in. If you're if you're looking at bookending, you know in in Europe by say two weeks is usually a little bit better. You know, you come into Europe, whatever, you know, Madrid Barcelona Lisbon Paris wherever you wanna fly into London. Even if. That's your thing. Find the limit. That's fine. But, you know, fly one of these cities, and then he spent a couple of days get over your jet lag. You know, have a kind of easy time of it. Maybe revisit something. If it's usually most people have already done in Europe. So maybe go back to city really liked. And like, you know, like revisit something like a museum or something like loved and then head to Morocco do ten days do told days Morocco. You know, do a good mix. I think of you know, what are two cities in some countries stuff get out into the mountains get out of the desert because that's where I think a lot of countries. That's the kind of the coolest that happened cities are even Raka they tended kind of. We find the camp season, the McDonald's everywhere, you don't it's in the country where you can really see the big differences between cultures in places, which I think are a little bit more interesting for most travellers go into Morocco for. Yeah. I mean, I'm not going to Morocco to eat at KFC. I can just go down the road. If I want. All right. So then we're taught like give us then a good itinerary to week ten day two week people can change that based on how many days, but what should they see? And again, we're talking first time travelers to Morocco because we'll have to come. You have you come back on and do a destination diary about Morocco where we dive a little deeper, but first time travelers to Morocco, basically me and how there were coming in. We're skipping CASA Blanca. Okay, cool. What where do we go? What do we see, you know, what would be your itinerary for those type of people? Basically, what what what what should I do when I come there because we're going to plan this out by the end of the podcast. Okay. I'm gonna give you one itinerary, but I'm going to say that the. Yeah. The this is a season specifically. Right. So. Morocco's best. I think visited a temporary like this is best done either in the spring or fall in the summer. You don't want to get out to the desert. You don't wanna be inland. It's just too hot, Nina. So that it's disgusting. You don't spend vacation like that. All right on that. No. When people would you recommend people come like is there a high season where it's more expensive like when we come to Morocco. Yes. That most travel, especially if they're a little bit elastic with their, you know, travel times that they can do their nailed down to that. You know, two weeks in August vacation trying to make it a try to make it in the spring is the ideal. You know, if you can come March, April, I think is ideal because you're gonna get everything blooming. It's going to be warm but not too hot. You know, the nights can still be surprisingly, cool, but not cold. You know, end your days will be hot. But not suffocatingly hot. You know? So it has good mix..

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