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It was it was yeah it was yeah it was jet magazine yeah and the cover story was wide darkskinned blacks hate lightskinned blacks two what was that ju like we had a civil war i think it was ebony they they actually have articles it was a magazine called not as epa i mean bigger magazine and i can open in in read the article in what was a wide dark skin blacks heat lightskinned length yeah i was a financial planner cover for their yeah i imagine there is that like any any societies been introduced introduced to the whole western philosophy of things like that's expediting the rain the yeah that's part of it for meetings and pierre go go ahead man is on for me a supporter regan as a latino in general i agree with everything that you yourself especially the example use of antonio mandera one of the reasons why he is so successful in hollywood a hollywood beyond this is because he is like me lease lightskinned and meet personally i know here i will have a better chance exceeding and i'm not fuck enron because i am by skiing by have somebody like my cousin darker skin i know he's going to have a heart harder time is always been like that for me is more disturbing knowing that puerto rico republican dominican cuba there were slave ports mud there's nobody there is 100 percent european destroyer as 100 percent white so for me the idea that people are claiming the ones better than other.

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