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A California lawmaker, encouraging restaurants to ignore the state's health orders and move dining back indoors. Assemblyman James Gallagher sites, the smoke and poor air quality caused by our recent wildfires. Meantime, we are going to report Mohr on these wildfires as the death toll and view County continues to rise. Joe Michaels is joining us live from the KPK Wildfire Desk with details. Kitty. There's an issue with my computer. All right, So can we jump to the other report that was supposed to go here? Yes, we can give me just a second. But we do. Of course, have the news about the seven more deaths that apparently have occurred. We do in my computer is completely blank. Okay, so I need a moment. Okay, Very good. So it was released today that again this sobering news. We've had three deaths from that bear fire in View County, But seven more bodies recovered today, bringing the total to 10. So we'll continue to follow that and the bear fire. By the way. It's been a little confusing because Cal fire authorities have renamed it the North complex West zone. But we've been calling it the bear fire for some time, so It's a little hard to kind of regroup and re identified that fire. But whether you're getting at is the North Complex West Zone or the bear fire. It is the one that is burning Ambu Canty, and it is the one Where we have learned that's seven more people have died. We're going to talk about so as teams in three states, including California, who are searching through what remains of these burned out homes to continue to look for signs of human remains. Alex Stone has that officials in California, Oregon and Washington are working to get a solid count on how many fire victims have died. Oregon Governor Kate Brown says What went racing through neighborhoods on Tuesday and Wednesday was unprecedented. We are now approaching over 900,000 acres burned across the sea. State to put that number into perspective. In the last 10 years, we see an average.

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