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Over Stevens. Both directions of four or five wide open between rent in Bellevue are all the Web towards Totem Lake Curtis Count incoming traveler Look at the forecast. I'm R. Christopher. It's all fog in many parts of Puget Sound this morning with those temperatures there in the upper thirties, the little forties. Eventually it'll clear out by afternoon sunshine. Still the game plan and dry conditions. Temperatures today upper forties and then clouds rolling over night. This was set up for some showers around the sound Monday temperatures mid to upper forties they were back in the sunshine Tuesday. Insulated from the coma Weather center Miley Cyrus. How Long's events is begin a new album. She's had a release HEALTH for several weeks. When is the new album about to arrive? Kristopher Watson was Sunday Entertainment Miley Cyrus is new album Plastic Hearts is out now. 3.5 months after she dropped the first single Midnight Sky Plastic cards features guest vocals from Joan Jett Do a Leap and Billy Idol Stevie Nicks two. If you Count the Midnight Sky Remix mash up of the Knicks classic edge of set Team plays cards. Cyrus is seventh studio album and her first in three years. MTV is Flora Bama Shore is hitting the brakes for two weeks after production number tested positive for covert 19. The reality shows casting cruise quarantining on location in Arizona while they wait things out. You want to stay alive to miss me. It's one and done for Utopia. Amazons adaptation of the British drama debuted last September, but never really found an audience. Swore machine rocks with an X all caps. Don cheetah Liz 56 Sunday I'm Christopher Watson..

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