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The right lane three left lanes easily get survive but delays remain on the outer loop as you leave Landover headed toward green belt no problems on I. ninety five or the bottom the Washington parkway between the two belt waist taking it to three oh one south down there Excalibur road in mill branch road you're under police direction for the brush fire activity there Colombia's gold river parkway northbound near Oakland mills road follow police direction for that crash otherwise if you're traveling the beltway to Montgomery County your clear cases Burke south down to seven in Watkins ville road caller updates two left lanes now getting by the work zone south bound to seventy but it's not stopping the ladies as you leave Frederick headed toward the lane divide south down on I two seventy no problems in Virginia on the beltway between Alexandria and in dealing with claim westbound sixty six maybe near the Fairfax county parkway possibly one stopped in the roadway there so use caution southbound I. ninety five often on breaks leaving Lorton headed toward one twenty three and again for the south toward deal city and beyond toward garrison bill the eastbound prince William parkway we understand the offramp of the I. ninety five is closed there a tow truck is on scene that we see in camera along the right side eastbound on prince William parkway over top of I. ninety five hopefully that will be gone pretty soon no problems reported on I. three ninety five so far between that's a road in the fourteenth street bridge if you're in the district remember downtown protests will be taking place this afternoon if you don't have to be there don't go there because it's a peaceful demonstration and we want everybody to stay safe so be mindful constitution Avenue is going to be closed both ways between nineteenth and third as well as independence Avenue between seventeenth and third streets and also the fifteenth and seventeenth between constitution and H. street downtown with reduced seating and added safety measures in place DC trails and best bus together offer you save from reliable group transportation please visit best boss dot com for more information I'm rob Stallworth WTOP traffic and now we go to storm team four meteorologist Lauren rickets we'll get a beautiful but hot day in store for us is those temperatures continue to rise into the low to mid nineties that we only have an isolated chance of a shower or thunderstorm later on this afternoon I say after about.

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