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What did we learn from week. One of the preseason what we learned that mack jones over cam newton might be the idea for bill belichick now. Bill might have his brady two point now now now now now. I'm not saying that jones is next. Tom brady no. I'm not saying he's going to be the goat. I'm not saying he's gonna win five super bowl championships. But hear me out mack. Jones had a good showing in his preseason debut. He got the ball out of his hands quickly. He was accurate and seemingly did everything that was asked for him to have an efficient day at the quarterback position. Now for me. This is the operative word for the new england patriots efficiency all rookie. Quarterback's should strive for an efficient season. Now we know that cam newton's probably gonna be the starter week one september twelfth but is it too early to say you know what maybe cam on backsides of his career. And maybe it's kind of time to shift into the mac jones era. I'm just saying. I mean there's a reason. They took him in the first round. There's a reason that bill belichick wanted this guy and what they might have got the steal of the draft. I don't know we'll see but you know with the good also was with the bat. He had the ball too long. he was inaccurate. And sometimes people say oh you know what he was very inconsistent but with the cam newton limited style of new england. Mack jones have number called a little earlier than we expected. Perhaps the disparity team play calling. Was a friendly nudge. To josh daniels to bill. Belichick say hey. We drafted this guy number one. We wasted not wasted. We used a first rounder on this guy. Maybe we wanna see what he does now. I don't know if this kid is going to be ready week one but he probably tell you yeah. I'm ready for week. One but look at the look at the rookie us over the past year. Who started week one and you got to look at peyton me great name. We all know painting remember his rookie year when he started. Now for those you saying oh rookie. Soon start week one and i. I was wondering. I've been one of those people who said that there's also good and bad now. Just look at man in career. Payton said part of the reason why improved from his rookie season winning went when he went three and thirteen from the following season when he went thirteen and three. What is it because he was out there every game. Learning not enough rookies. Get that chance. Like peyton did but he was able to learn digest and visualize visualize the field the way he wants to and he was able to take that next. Step now if you give mack jones the ability to learn under probably the greatest coach of our generation. Bill belichick he might be able to overcome cam. Newton which i mean. He's an mvp in his own right and yet he. He was worthy of that mvp. Both his career at quarterback is not sustainable. I think mack jones has a more sustainable career ahead of him. They can but if he is able to learn that offense and he's able to utilize the weapons around him then he may need to take a few more punches out there and he may need to learn on the job because you know what sometimes you just gotta learn on the job and that's with anything in life if you go to a new job. It's either sink or swim. We've all been there. We've all gone to a new job where you know. When we're changing atmospheres. It's all surreal. And there's no really formal training. You just gotta learn on the job. And that's what mac tunes and all these rookies are probably gonna learn. They're going to have to learn on the job. they're gonna take their lumps. You're gonna get hit but that's how you build character. That's how you learn how fast the game is how smart these other players are and how tough it is in the nfl. But if you get that chance mack. Jones i surely. I surely believe that he might have a more sustainable career than cam. Newton and built founded two point. Oh his brady to on to say Just sing now. What what else we learned from this past weekend. I think just field is ready. I just believe it. I mean you got to think about this. Look at the starting quarterback depth in chicago. Starting quarterback is andy dalton justin fields and nick. Foles know if you look at those three. I'm thinking well. I don't really have faith in andy dalton and if nick forwards on the third string depth chart h cargo and you have a rookie who drafted in the first round ahead of him. Then i don't see why not. Just take the chance chicago. Just take the chance. He had a superb day. Justin fields going fourteenth twenty. Though he also didn't start off well but you know what. It's not how you start. It's how you finish and tell you improve. Fourteen to twenty through the air with a passing touchdown to put on his ledger with rushing touchdown. So the only issue is that. I think matt nagy in chicago huddle lot of faith and i wouldn't be surprised. Give andy dalton. I mean it's eighty dalton. we're talking about. I know he signed a one year deal and he's probably going. He probably gonna start week. One september twelve but honestly. If i'm a bears fan you gotta put justin field in. I'm rooting for fields. Because he gives you an different element that andy. Dalton can't provide you the kind of like the trade lance and jimmy garoppolo debate yet. You have this one guy. Who's a good quarterback. I'm not saying any dalton's horrible. He's been there. He's lettuce team to the playoffs. He's done well in certain situations but why not let a guy who's physically probably stronger than you who's capable of doing different things and giving other teams different looks and he probably just seems to me like a better position fit for the game for chicago and honestly if chicago really wants to look at the macro picture. Yeah you got to the playoffs last year. Which mitchell trubisky y- backed in you're backed in. Don't get twisted. It's not like they had momentum. We all saw you lose to new orleans in the wildcard round with mitchell trubisky. You.

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