Times Our Government Wanted to Monitor & Control Speech


And now we have these efforts with the government To monitor speech of a government's monitoring speech it wants to control speech This has happened from time to time in our history The difference is believe that these were terrible terrible even grave errors on the part of presidents and congresses Whether it was done by John Adams our second president to try and silence Thomas Jefferson in the new Republican Party The Civil War period where some 200 newspapers were shut down A hundred years ago when Woodrow Wilson the more modern period actually in prison people who disagree with this position on the war when FDR unleash the IRS against his political opponents who would speak out against him and that would include numerous newspaper publishers and I could go on and on These are very very bad times in American history but now presumably we've learned from this And if you noticed how little the corrupt American media AKA the American pravda how little they've objected to this It's conservatives Constitutionalists who are objecting

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