Dale Wilcox: Getting to Know the Immigration Reform Law Institute


All right, hey everybody. Great show today. One of the biggest problems we've got going on right now and it's the least reported problem that we have right now is the problem we're having on the border. Our southern border. Well, I guess it depends on if it's a problem depending on your perspective because on Dallas, not a it's not a problem to the Biden administration. In fact, the Biden administration, if you judge by vice president Harris, has no idea where the southern border is, much less wanting to fix it. As ranking member of the House judiciary committee and being on that committee for a long time, our primary focus in our committee was immigration law and I can tell you that what's going on on the border right now is a travesty. What is happening is the national security risk and we are in we've got to fix this. And the mainstream media will not talk about this. We're going to have a chance to talk today about our immigration problem and I'm excited to have Dale Wilcox from here from immigration reform law institute. Got a good friend of both of ours, Tom hollands, who's been on this show many times in Tom and I go back a long ways, let's just say, as you well know, folks here listen to podcast Tom's a little bit passionate about this issue. So he works with this group and Dale and his group have been out show fighting in the front lines this bringing lawsuits against the Biden administration winning these lawsuits. And I just want to put it today this we get are able to use your listening to this podcast. I want you to put a perspective on just how bad our southern border has become and a little less than 14 months. He's getting ready to get

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