Politico Urges Biden Admin to Blame Fox News for Buffalo Shooting


Here's cut 12 A Politico reporter to Karin Jin pair on Air Force One today urges her to blame Fox News And the GOP from mass shootings cut 12 goats Yesterday you were asked a couple of times about whether or not certain commentators and media whether or not certain members of the Republican Party as well should share some blame and amplifying replacement theory It seems like the administration at this point is not calling out by name some of those people that have in fact amplified that theory Can you walk through the thinking of the president and The White House of why Barack Obama Obama has amplified it I'll mention a few Joe Biden in the past is amplified at the Democrat party has promoted in an amplified it People on MSNBC and CNN have promoted it and amplified it Scholars so called experts so called in our faculty with tenure They've written treatises on it Does that help your pal Go ahead It's not effective to call them out or do you feel that it's not effective Will you call them out by name So here we have a so called reporter Hat tip right scoop Whose insisting that the murder that took place in Buffalo Be projected upon Fox News and hosts This is sick When the guy hated Fox News hated Fox News and conservatives Go ahead The people who spread this filth know who they are And they should be ashamed of themselves But I'm not going to give them or give them or their noxious ideas They're pushing the attention that they desperately want But you are a mouthpiece for one of them

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