Gregg Phillips on the Shocking Data From '2000 Mules'


Talk to us about the numbers. Greg, you can jump in here or Catherine whoever has the best recall. Talk to us about the limits you put on your analysis. You weren't looking at one guy who went to two drop boxes, but you gated the data. What were the minimum requirements for the mules? Because we had millions of cell phone unique devices that were in the purchase that we made. We had to skinny it down. And we didn't just want it to be people who happened to be randomly walking by some Dropbox occasionally or maybe they weren't near there or something like that. So we established some parameters and began to skinny it down when we first did this in Atlanta. We looked at 5 dropboxes and three organizations came up with 17,000 or so unique devices that fit that criteria. It's too big to really look at and frankly I'm not sure folks would have been very believing of it. So we bumped it up to a minimum of ten drop boxes and 5 organizations during the early voting period. So each mule by your self definition, you said we've got a tighten the group to make it incontrovertible that this isn't somebody taking their grandmothers ballot. Each person has to have 5 visits to an NGO that is the collecting point and then has to then one person has to be visiting at least ten drop boxes is that what you said? I did. And what that emerged from that was 242 individuals that went to an average of 24 drop boxes and 8 organizations during our target period.

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