Every Man Should Read J.S. Shelton's 'Unmuzzled: Escaping Sexual Sin'


I'm excited right now because I get to talk to Jeremy Shelton. He goes by JS Shelton. He's written a book titled. Are you ready? Unmuzzled, escaping sexual sin, Satan's grip on men, Josh McDowell, whom I revere says every man should read this book. Every man, including Leah Thomas, and here's my guest, Jeremy. Jeremy, welcome to the program. Hey, glad to be here, Eric. Okay, so we got to go to the beginning. There are very few topics that are more important that are more central to human life than what you write about in this book. What was it that led you to write this book in particular? Yeah, Eric, that was my struggle. I struggled with sexual morality most of my young life. See, that's where we differ. I never had a problem in that area. Now, listen, most men, this is where we are. We live in an age suffused in sexual imagery. We're living in an ugly time, and so the reason I'm glad you wrote the book is because everybody's trying to figure out how do I deal with this. And so you, first of all, you experienced it. So I guess that's what you mean. Right. And it was my struggle all the way up into my marriage, but I was a believer. I was a God fearing man, and I still struggled with it. And so I went on a mission to find out what the Bible actually says on how we conquer this.

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