Nina Jankowicz' Analysis of 'Colour Revolution'


Cut 5 go First of all color revolutions have nothing to do with race The term was coined in the early 2000s when countries like the republic of Georgia and Ukraine had spontaneous peaceful democratic revolutions that had colorful nicknames In 2003 the Georgian opposition protested the opening of a new session of parliament based on fraudulent election results They did it while carrying roses hence the rose revolution In 2004 and 2005 Ukrainians protested their own rigged election Candidate Victor Yushchenko's campaign branding was orange hence the orange revolution You get the idea Color revolutions have earned bad rap though mostly thanks to Vladimir Putin because they brought in democratically minded governments that threatened Russian influence in the region Putin likes to suggest they are CIA organized That is not true Believe it or not sometimes people get fed up with having their voices silenced for decades Putin's narratives intentionally rob protesters of agency They discount the grievances that brought them to the streets risking their lives and ultimately they undermine the resulting governments and now we're seeing the same narrative cropping up here in the United States Here's why it doesn't fit First of all in case we've forgotten protest is a democratic right you are entitled to it Second of all color revolutions happen in autocracies When people are fed up with the indignities of an entrenched regime while we have witnessed some democratic backsliding here in the United States we are not an autocracy We still have checks and balances We still enjoy democratic rights Certainly we are not Georgia in 2003 Ukraine in 2004 or Belarus today

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