Speaking Of Logos (MM #4021)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason yes, I was talking about the new logo for Vanderbilt university, but they got me thinking about other logo questions I've had recently. Watching a lot of the NCAA tournament this year don't know why particularly. And I've noticed every uniform has multiple logos on them now. The NASCAR you got logos all over the uniform. Everybody's used to that. In the NBA, we now have one corporate sponsor, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been good year because they're nearby. A lot of teams have different sponsors. I think FedEx is on the Memphis Grizzlies uniforms. But this year in the NCAA, you've got the NCAA logo. You've got the logo of the manufacturing company, whether it's Nike or Adidas or whoever is making the uniform. And then you've got the American flag or some kind of logo on there. And one of the schools, I think, has their 75th anniversary logo. And then you've got the team conference logo. So you've got four logos right about the stirrup area and all these uniforms. And I got to wonder why. And what's next? Advertising logos on these uniforms? I understand wanting to brand a school, but I don't understand why the NCAA needs their logo on the uniform. I'm not making a lot of sense to me. The American flag logo, wonderful idea, but do we really need that?

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