What Does It Mean to Be a Man? Is It Worth Defending?


What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be manly and is manliness? A political and a civic virtue. Is that something that's worth defending in our society today? This is a topic that's being discussed in some of the more intellectual quarters of the right. It seems like it is a debate about whose man and who's a woman, but it's not really about that. This is not a debate about Leah Thomas, and it's not a debate about biological males and women's sports, none of that. It's a debate about whether there is a distinction between males and females that could be described as manliness, and is that something that our society should in a conscious way cultivate and celebrate. Now, the debate sometimes takes a kind of low turn in that the defenders of manliness start looking around and looking particularly at the left and finding very mannish women or you may say unmanly men. And so a lot of this degenerates into a kind of name calling Obama's unmanly because he doesn't know how to throw a baseball. Look at beto o'rourke. This is such a beta male. He's so unmanly. And the consequently, there are efforts to look at women on the left and in the democratic side, Michelle Obama notably. And proclaim them unbelievably manly. And so, at this level, the debate is nothing more than a kind of slinging of epithets. In some cases, by the way, conservatives will leave and turn around and say, you know, libertarians are extremely unmanly and. Manliness is a lot more than this. I think that's really the point. So what is manliness if it's not simply flexing your muscles or showing off tattoos or being able to show your prowess in the MMA ring, what does manliness mean as a political and as a cultural

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