EXPLAINER: New easy-to-use COVID-19 pills come with a catch


New new the the infected infected covered covered nineteen nineteen patients patients now now have have two two treatment treatment options options that that can can be be taken taken at at home home one one from from Fizer Fizer called called packs packs loaded loaded and and one one from from Merck Merck mall mall new new pair pair appear appear both both were were shown shown to to reduce reduce the the chances chances of of hospitalization hospitalization or or death death from from covert covert nineteen nineteen but but the the pills pills have have to to be be taken taken as as soon soon as as possible possible once once symptoms symptoms appear appear within within five five days days of of the the start start of of those those symptoms symptoms that that of of course course presents presents a a challenge challenge to to get get tested tested a a prescription prescription and and start start the the treatment treatment the the pills pills are are intended intended for for those those with with mild mild or or moderate moderate covert covert nineteen nineteen but but who who are are more more likely likely to to become become seriously seriously ill ill that that includes includes older older people people and and those those with with other other health health conditions conditions like like heart heart disease disease cancer cancer or or diabetes diabetes that that make make them them more more vulnerable vulnerable the the antiviral antiviral pills pills are are not not authorized authorized for for people people hospitalized hospitalized with with code code nineteen nineteen I'm I'm Ben Ben Thomas Thomas

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