Why the Media Is Covering the Hunter Biden Story Now


Okay get to the point Why is The Washington Post in New York Times in CBS I got an audio coming up from that after the break right Why are they covering the Hunter Biden laptop story now Well I see two possible reasons Again I say it is no better than 50 50 shot He gets indicted If he gets indicted Hunter Biden The Washington Post The New York Times and CBS can begin to start to massage the narrative to minimize damage to the Democrat party Think about it right So this is option one If they need to get rid of Joe Biden as a candidate for 2024 because he becomes extremely unpopular He becomes and becomes even more extremely unpopular than he is now right Then if Hunter Biden is indicted it gives them a tool to say hey look we've been covering this Joe Biden's no good The family is no good Time to move on VP Kamala Harris are you ready or whatever right The second so that's option one sub a the second is option one sub B if Joe Biden can turn it around and get his approval rating up from negative 4672% Into something where he could possibly run and win again Then The Washington Post will start a different narrative saying listen we've been covering hunter forever He's a troubled kid he's a mess but yeah it's really not a Joe Biden scan let's a hundred thing You get it

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