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A pan better yet to compete with him over his well after these numbers. That's unbelievable. Okay. So now he faces. No Neto Donayre in the final well boxes, super series final. It'll be his biggest estimate not Nares alleged for a million different reasons. But honestly, Joe is there any reason why we can expect to have a chance against? No, you anyway. No, you anyway, is been is exciting as fast as powerful as anybody in any way. Classy is as dominant as anyone we've seen in a very long time and he's on paper he looks at God definitely the winner. But again, like I say embarks, any craziest things happen in Donadoni has that famous left hook one could change. Everybody's tight around exactly by Tyson about Buster Douglas. He'll tell you exactly it can happen. Now, want the if he beats, if he beats on areas expected to do, but that's not for a while, and it's going to be exciting. We're doing a full preview on that. I promise you when that comes up because that's going to be a fun one. We got another band of who's got a title who's also undefeated who's who's, who's coming up, potentially on the Manny back, yell undercard. That's Louise Neri and he is exciting now. If he beats. No, neither Donayre and Louise Mary he to me has a very solid case for number one pound for pound. Because what else can he do? I mean he's we're talking titleholder flyweight title holder at super-flyweight and then unified bantamweight title holder against every competition that you put him up against. I mean that's exciting as you could possibly make it wasn't about it. You know, boxing strange is he a lot of a lot of fun at is that funny crazy? They ain't gonna happen. But, you know, he he can make it all the way he could be one of the finest. It'd be up to be considered a top at a world. But let's see what he does win is excited for the entertainment super series championship on the other side of the world super series. We have Josh Taylor going up against the undefeated Ivan baron chick is a two undefeated hundred forty pounders and Josh Taylor, who is widely expected to beat barren chick. Because he's a little bit slicker little bit smoother he brought with baron. She comparisons bigger, he's stronger. He's able to throw these big punches. He's not as technical, not even close. He doesn't setup punches, but he's able to bully his opponents. What did you think of judge Taylor's decision to go stand toe to toe with them, and eventually out the victory? What did that mean for him and his ability to use different styles? Well, in, and sometimes you have to use his pals, too, depending on your opponent now say up that total could be dangerous fell yet, but he definitely is a punch himself. So I'm telling you a chance Tyson and Manny pack up pack way so excited. Because he's saying, but he was that was what made him draw. That could happen to your man. Yeah. Just so he's fighting reasons programs for, for the for the hundred forty pound basically unification, that's going to be an exciting fight, and we'll definitely come to you with another preview of that one and is a lot of talk to the winner that fight has a case for top ten pound for pound, you know, Ramar and eventually, they'll be moving up into the glamour division. Two hundred forty seven pound division. So that's very excited division while we're told about us. And we know that other Dave are out there, then he goes, he emancipate. Cal importer house has Thomas across it. I mean he may just six days, right there. And it's a lot more coming up the ranks a lot. More at one forty one fifty four exactly offensive. We got so much to talk about these fighters at Alpe Covey Feis, but a go to a little brief commercial. We'll be right back. Coming.

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