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Brought to you by your local Honda dealer Don't settle for less than a Honda At 11 45 years, Rob would force the Nationals to game win streak ended with a five to lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks is the Nats were down to keep pictures Steven Strasbourg and wander Suero both added to the 10 Day injured list before the game. But trade Turner, who homered twice to account for all the Nats scoring was looking at the bright side. We played pretty well blowouts two days once once, Um good ballgames, and then we just, you know, fellows. Work today, but I feel like we're going in the right direction. You know he's gonna play a little bit better. But you know, guys air are gonna go down throughout the year and we're gonna need guys to step up and hopefully those injuries are minor ones, and we could get those guys back. Paolo SP nose started in Strasbourg Place gave up a leadoff home run before settling in for a solid four and a third innings. Ryan Harper gave up a run on two hits in one inning of relief. He was called up to take Suero spot in the bullpen after he joined Strasbourg on the 10 Day. I l The Orioles lost in extra innings Heartbreaker down in Texas one Nothing on an infield single off Travis Lincoln's with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 10th much like their baseball counterparts. The Capitals were banged up after losing another physical game against the Boston Bruins. 6 to 3 as they did so without two of their top defenseman today. No Ciara and Justin Shults tough break Brendan Dillon. It's unfortunately the others. Guys also goes down early, too, and you're down to five. Now that everyone knows that remark aimed in and played a great game for us. A lot of us were pushing back there. We're doing our best to kind of be simple and keep the ship short. So hopefully those guys air her both back soon, and we can get back to full health here before for the big stuff, Adding to the injury theme, The Wizard's announced where we had tomorrow, we'll miss the eight P.m. game against the Oklahoma City thunder with knee soreness, and Alex Len is listed as questionable. Rob would fork w t O p Sports thank you and still ahead. And it always is the fox 11 47. If you don't know, PPC, if you don't know s e O if you don't know O.

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