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Thank you for your word up there in sacramento spending time with us also for for folks that are interested in ending the backlog the joyful heart foundation that's run by merck she has a lot of information on her website which is where i signed up to show we need a different end the backlog somehow it doesn't roll off the tongue cry but we gotta we gotta we need a new phrase for that test the rape kits now little monkey tell me more about her her website her website is a joyful heart foundation which is really for victims of the violence the sexual or otherwise but her organization really has worked hard to end the backlog they have been instrumental force working with senator connie leyva and others to get this law passed not just here in california but across the nation and they have a they have an excellent web page which will give you all the information you need about the backlog how we got here and what we can all do to urge our legislators to move ahead or the is monday because i'm watching nonprofit and worry that could be the next backlog is of people counties whoever's responsible for doing it's going to go well two million dollars an nominee more we can't do it we can't i if they're getting them to do it right if they're forcing law enforcement to actually test the kits that they have that i'd be happy that'd be a great use of our money instead of just we're going to raise money for the homeless and no idea what's going on with that eight hundred to two two five two two two d i i.

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