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Favorite of course greatest coach of all time i mean there's no one better at understanding game plan so i think what people messed up optus jackson's woking there's spellcheck in the first quarter so with jacksonville's very important i'm was i could almost hear it in my own i patricia matt's this is the kansas city this excuse to miss the carolina game plan we gotta would withdraw and i think that's what's going to happen in the in the super bowl is how they hit trust because he equal game plan is very similar to what caroline of what few stood of what kansas city liked it do they just run just a unbelievable not a police and they're going to have to adjust to it michael mug when you're not sorry guy just interrupted here michael you are now cleveland when you worked under bill bellichik obviously in jim schwartz is on that staff to so he's a guy you know well eagles defensive coordinator now how do you think he's preparing for the patriots offense and how he's preparing to attack the patriots well i aggregate pretty simple i'm any got it what are your head coach of detroit amid he understands he's got to get paint you're going to have to get inside and you're going to have to force brady to feel the pressure and you're gonna have to play a mix with older man and you're gonna have to win on some thirdround from you you're going to have to win mantho fat and you're going to have to be able to forget about trying to confuse them to south execute them and put pressure on and make him have to play on awang feel and make him have to make continually with guys around the mic able to do it well i think shorts is excellent the wa my favorite your schwartz stories is when we were all together and clean on we chimps schwartz k linford interview yeah we put 'em provence a series of tests one of the guys that we put the test.

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