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James Bond James Bond bond James Bond bond James bone James Bond yeah those are all the bonds we have a new bond apparently a new one Liz Liz Shonda Lynch now she's in that Captain America and idea to be honest with you it's stupid he jumped the shark right nothing she can act not that I don't wish you the best but at some point in time is that there is like is this going to be I thought he just elbow was going to be it right so I'm like that's a good bond I got a problem with that right I had zero problems that but for whatever reason then this woke world I'm a throw it out there it's this woke world of of let's just do this and this will be awesome right I don't watch any of these movies but is she going to be James Bond or is she going to be double oh seven and why don't you write something for a woman or a woman of color or whatever it is that you want to write for to make it this way we just had a movie that just came out called Anna like a month ago right we had sold we've had peppermint we've had all of these you know these things that have come out atomic blonde it's the is this what we have to do I mean come on does anybody else find is absolutely ridiculous well Chad used our stake you're not woke me not woke no I live in a world of reality insanity with the rest of the day eighty five percent of the globe who's looking at gone I'm I'm who is this for right like four is now going to be a woman I mean at some point in time it's like come on so enjoy it again I don't see any the James Bond movies because I find them to be just the exact same movie over and over again but if this is what they're going for now I have a feeling you know some and how many people go see it just because I feel like we'll have to go see because I think there's so many people out there that or they feel they have to participate in ical correctness and woke this because they feel like it's the right thing to do whether or not they believe it last week we talked a bit about the fact that like doctors right now said if being fats not the problem the stigma fat is the problem and doctors are like that the stepping up and saying now you know we're afraid to tell our patients anymore kind of you know to given that kind of advice they really need because we don't want to hurt their feelings just like kids your your usual professors are saying I'm afraid of my students and I don't want to really tell them the truth or argue with them because they can they can hurt my reputation have me fired good god is this pandering ridiculousness like I often wonder about when it comes to immigration right how many of these people that are out there who are or or just you know quote unquote Volk you know they're out there they're advocates are doing all these things in here these people and they feel like they've got a real pull on these people and how do you believe the crap that there say how do you buy into it I don't I don't buy into it at all even if I think they believe it which by the way I am here to tell you how to use a good majority of them don't believe they're just saying the things that they think they have to say to get you to like them that's a lot of what's going on they're saying the things that they feel like one my I better say this because otherwise I'm a look like a jerk it's stupid the people I you know I mean if you're here legally or illegally and you hear people talk about these things do you really buy into what they're saying what do you say you just say that make me feel good you're just saying that because you want me to like you you're not saying that because you believe it yourself but it's just a lot of that all over the place right a lot of it from companies to everybody that they they do things because they want people to like them and feel like they're doing the right thing even if they don't buy it themselves not three to three five three twenty four twenty three acts have been to chose your Twitter you tweet at us.

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