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He workers without high school diplomas. They used to see unemployment rates of up to sixteen percent whenever there was a recession or after a financial crisis of any kind. But as overall an employment falls. And, and, you know, and even to some extent, it was falling during the Obama administration and then just cascaded on the President Trump groups that normally bear, the highest joblessness. They're doing the best that's relevant because they're always talking about. Oh, yeah. The rich get richer, the only time the rich got richer. In my life was whatever they were democrat presidents. You know, Barack Obama the rich got richer, and the poor got for now on the Donald Trump the rich getting richer, the poor getting richer, the medium people getting richer. They hate him. You just you can't. Legitimately wrap your mind around that. That their hatred for him is so deep, so profound. So unwarranted. And they can't they just can't stop themselves. Black, and Hispanic workers, these groups that have relatively high joblessness historically. Okay. Unbelievable low unemployment in the last couple of months. Yeah. And forget, not giving him credit. Okay. That's one thing. They hate him. You don't have to like them. You don't have to give credit the hot you hate him. Just I it blows my mind. Other with plenty of things that I disliked about Bill Clinton. But and even things that I could say, I hate I don't I don't like philanderer is I don't like liars. I don't like people who make their whole families go through public humiliation. You know, I don't. I don't like people who abuse, the law enforcement agencies to accomplish their goals, whether that's, you know, spiriting prostitutes in the hotel rooms, and keeping the media at bay or whether it's you know, as the Mrs Clinton did spying on your opponents or authorizing the government to spy on your opponents to me. That's just you know despicable, but I gave him credit for the things that he did. Right. He just they just can't bring themselves to ever say that was good or that's okay. It's working out. Not they just can't. And then you got poor Joe Biden. I mean does anybody really believe this guy has a prayer? I mean watching this whole thing with the Hyde amendment on Thursday. He, he said, yes. I would I would I vote for it again. And then on Thursday night after got backlash from a listener along Alana lines, you okay, some actress who played a vampire. I don't even know what you played. He has now decided that no, no, he he he can't do that. They can't support the Hyde amendment. The Heisman doesn't say no abortion. It just says, no taxpayer funding for abortion. Biden said that in an environment where women's health is under assault. Now, I'm a woman, and I was examining, you know, my life right now, and I was trying to figure out where exactly my health is under assault. Apparently because I don't believe that taxpayers should pay for a abortion. My health is under assault. How ridiculous is this, you know, this logic that they use. I can no longer support an amendment that cuts off funding as in Hyde. Booked funding to terminate pregnancies is that the kind of funding you wanna put your premature on. Teleprompter setup. He reads the remarks from the podium. An and you have to ask yourself how, how can you run it a campaign against someone like Donald Trump? If you're going to flip flop on positions in twenty hour period. Does he really think that, that this is going to go unmentioned? He didn't even show up in Iowa, because I'm sure even is opponents in the democratic field. They weren't gonna let him get away with that. But hey, I digress. I'm talking as if they would actually care about giving you a fair shot at understanding. The news as if you were smart enough to understand that process it, and then to figure out an answer. Also, sore, queer crazy story about these two former Republican legislators in the state houses they won was in Oklahoma. The other was in a neighboring state. And. They both ended up dead one day apart. One of them was Arkansas. That's arkansas. State Senator Linda Collins Smith with a suspicious. Investigation going on for a her death is being treated as a homicide. And former Oklahoma state, Senator Jonathan Nichols death is also in the criminal investigations division of the local police department. Colin Smith was found in her home last Tuesday killed by a gunshot. Wound Colin Smith was a democrat before she switched to the Republican party, and was elected to the state Senate in twenty fourteen she got primary and lost in twenty eighteen. And then this state legislator. From Oklahoma Nichols, served in the Oklahoma state Senate between two thousand and twenty twelve he left office, due to term limits started working at the university of Oklahoma as the vice president of government relations, and he was a senior policy adviser to the Ohio Oklahoma's. House speaker Charles McCall and. Police found Nichols after receiving a call about a gunshot. Just just curious mean, you know, I assure you that if these were to, to Democrats that got shot we'd already be, you know, calling the white supremacist groups out. And so the poverty Law Center would have people camped out there. The ACLU would be running an innocence project. I mean come on us. How do to former Republican legislatures legislators get shot dead in unrelated incidents within a day of each other. And nobody says wonder if all this hatred that the media keeps throwing up against the Republicans, it's having an effect. Right. Right. Just though, no. Cory Booker, another one, these guys are just reaching the straws. They can't get any traction. So now they'll say anything he appeared to suggest over the weekend. That spending money on border security was like rejecting Jewish refugees during the holocaust one of these guys going to learn. That using holocaust. That's genocide and comparing it to the southern border. Doesn't doesn't fly. Booker continued by saying it was important to know history. And that President Donald Trump was trying to make people afraid of people coming across the southern border, who have Brown skin. You know, does he really think that spending money on border security is like rejecting Jewish refugees during the holocaust? I'm just asking. I mean it's a wildly inaccurate. Comparison, these claims are as accurate as when Roosevelt, the president Roosevelt and his administration rejected thousands of Jewish refugees during the actual holocaust. It's right in the summer of nineteen forty two right? It was the SS Drottningholm hundreds of desperate, Jewish refugees going to New York City from Sweden. And. Oh, well. Nope. Can't get in. This is the same as central Americans smuggling children throughout Latin America, Central America, and then Mexico to get to the states. This is a holocaust comparison. Good. God. He won't be around much longer. I'm trying to figure out which ones will be the first ad obviously, the Blasios who got zero votes in the bowl, which makes me chuckle and I'm okay with it, but really he's got to go. See you're going to get rid of the plaza thinking I haven't heard much about Hickenlooper Inslee lightly. Right. So hopefully they got their book deals, and now they can get on with it. Go home. But I'm beginning to think of those contenders as they like to refer to themselves. What did Eric's? Well, well, say he said they will gain the thrones and the GOP is. Oh, gosh. I hope I can remember find that line. He said they were game of thrones in the GOP was hunger games. Now I didn't watch game of thrones. And I didn't see the hunger games, but I'm kind of inclined to think that if you want to run for the highest office in the land your analogies probably better served if they had something to do with maybe government instead of TV and movies. Get the Yankees and Mets first pitch tonight at seven oh, five on brother station, six forty the hurricane south Florida's home for the New York Yankees.

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