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The renewing of your mind is daily work and sometimes it is moment by moment our by our work that we have to do every single day so Romans twelve to says do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that by testing thing you may discern what is the will of God what is good and acceptable imperfect and what is so powerful about this passage is were Paul and not really just this passage but one of the things that Paul talks about often is how he he has learned to be content right he talks about not being do not be anxious about anything but an all things right but he talks about how he has learned to be content. He talks about how he has learned to to that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him not because he has not and was not being tested in those moments not because his body was not physically ailing not because his emotions were not wrought but because he had to work to hold onto the the knowledge and the truth about how Christ strengthens him and hold onto the truth and the power of of what it means to have the Holy Spirit living inside of him to be able to access the strength that surpasses all understanding and gives us access to this peace peace that surpasses all understanding. So when you think about the attacks that we are under every day and I was talking about this with some Some of my friends we were doing a Bible will study and about how we are under spiritual attack every single day and that is not passive work in order order to deal with an address and and fight literal spiritual enemies. You can't be all you know. Just everything's all right. You have to be vigilant solent right and say like guard your heart with all village vigilance. They're all so many reminders in scripture that talk about the importance of being mindful mindful of your mind and being mindful to grasp onto what we know about the character of Christ and working to adapt it to ourselves and not not in a way not working away that Gilts us right not working in a way that condemns us because we know there's no condemnation for those who are in Christ not not in a way that that kind of burdens you because you're still making progress but in a way that is accepting the invitation that you are are that you have access to something that can keep you growing stronger every single day. We have access to a strength within us. That is changing us and shaping us every single day as long as we approach and give access to and give that that power access to our hearts and approach the word to learn more about what the word says about who we are and that work is daily work which is why many of us talk about and I know I struggle with is was whenever I fall out of a routine of my devotion and of my prayer and spending time with God. I feel myself slipping in a different direction. That's it's not coincidental right. There's a reason why drawing nearer to the Cross has its benefits as a reason. Why using God's word as a as a As a foundation for the way that we approach our lives has its benefits right so just remember that the renewing of your mind is daily. We were it is something that you have to fight for but not fighting in a way that you were using your own strength but fight in a way remembering that that Christ this is in your corner that the spirit of God lives within you and so you are not doing this alone you are not you do not have to be to fight this battle on your own. But you do have to be intentional about wielding the weapons that you need in order to see the victory that she were after so I will just review one time for the one time the lessons that I've learned in twenty nineteen. And I appreciate you for indulging me in this journey and going through this goal setting series that we've been talking about for now probably the last like like four or five episodes so just quickly the lessons that I've learned this year and you can hear the others that I talked about in episode one. Twenty six the first staying in your wilderness holderness season is a choice or it might be a series of choices or the same choices you keep making over and over again God is not the author of confusion mm-hmm habits build on each other. You playing small serves no one rest and quiet. Time are not optional. National Stop expecting to feel no fear as you walk in the purpose that God has for you and last but not least renewing. Your remind requires work every single day. And those are the lessons that I learned in two thousand nineteen. I did an activity on instagram. Not An activity really but A. I asked the question because I was interested to hear if people had chosen models or themes or affirmations affirmations for twenty twenty and I got a lot of responses. I was actually really excited about the number of responses. I got from people but I asked because I I had kind of landed on mine but I was just curious to see what other people have thought. And so I'm just gonNA share some of these that got on instagram. If you don't follow me I am at tiff south on instagram. And hopefully you can join me in the next time. I do this fun little game but here's some of the things that I heard from people I am enough. I heard from two people actually worry less and walk in faith intentional. Crazy faith revived fearless X.. Fearlessly execute expansion abundance louder keep going flourish next level get it. Don't settle fear less kind of what we talked about earlier play play reclaim glow disciplined slash consistency delete debt. Why worry worthy surrender so many really really good words and I share? Are Those with you just to help spark your own thought and if you are thinking about something that you want to focus on next year or even maybe for the first quarter or You know what what could be the thing that you want to center some of your prayers on or center the way that you approach certain aspects of your life on. Hopefully those will help jog some thoughts for you and I would love to hear what yours are. Hit me up on Instagram at two south. Thank you for those of you. Who have been sharing and screen and chatting and sharing some of your insights continue to do so? I really appreciate it. And I get feedback from other people when they see you sharing your sharing your information sharing tearing your your reflections on the podcast as well. So I appreciate that. And my word for two thousand and twenty is obedience obedience and I have already started a study on what obedience means and what it has played out as in in characters of certain people in Scripture and I'm already been blessed by it. So that is the word I am. I'm leaning for for twenty twenty and also I think crazy faith is probably like a close second. Faith was the word I picked two years ago and I mean faith is something that is like not really you. Don't you have to pick it as a word so to speak to be something you live by. Obviously but it is something that is at the forefront of my mind in terms of just what I need to do in an living in walking in the way that God has called me to walk and so I encourage you to join me in that journey of just living in obedience to Christ has called you to be and living in obedience to be what you what you know you are called to be so i WanNa thank you for rocket with me for another episode of. How does she do it? This is actually the last episode of the year. I just realized that although I am recording this on a Tuesday is not going up until Thursday and the next episode will be in January. So if you are interested in elevate your career academy remember. It's a Sixteen Week Group coaching experience. That is filled with so oh many dynamic experiences opportunities conversations that our faith based that are getting your career and order but not just getting career in order but really getting you in order in terms of making you soak clear about who God has designed to be and building up your confidence and helping you march forward in the goals calls and in the direction that you you are called to walk in go to be. It Dot L. Y. Slash. The number ten T. I F. F. B. I. T. L. Y. Slash lashed tentative to schedule a call to talk about elevator for academy and getting you all signed up and I look forward to connecting with you in Twenty Twenty Happy Holidays Happy New Year and until next time be blessed and be a blessing piece..

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