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This week were playing a game they're all day this time of year in his you keep moving on they get bigger and now we're going to have to keep in a winning games at s s route therefore brady still worked with guerrero at gillette stadium other teammates like rob grand cows ski see guerrero at the t b twelve sports therapy center right near the stadium earlier on on friday head coach bill bella jack extolled the relationship between ian brady said quarterbacks great to work with nobody's more prepared the tom by greece espn paid that's reporter joined the right time with dickerson hood with his thoughts on brady's comments it was incorrect thing today because tom brady over eighteen years uh in that setting the news conference setting is always so poised and polished and really for maybe the first time i can remember over eighteen years i i watched them challenge another reporter and the way he the reporter asked him a question and it was a a little bit of an irritated tom brady and there are so many layers you know two two to peel off on this this story outline my sense of it was he he he's fine with bill bellichik like that to me would be the one question i had like how would that decision affect the working relationship with bill bellichik i what i think irritates tom brady would this is how now his friend business partner trainer alex guerrero is being perceived and reported on not in the media sh do you know if he was a stretch into brady and the team was at wise his passes health well coach art.

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