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That was such a fun show less you're doing. Our bold takes, and some of those bolt takes really came to fruition. So yeah, be there if you're in Phoenix be there August twenty. Fourth. All right. We talked about the patriots signed Eric decker. Now he's ahead of Kenny. Brett, we didn't talk about it in the question I want to bring up again. Do you read into decker being lists that had a Brit right now? I, I read into it. That's not great news for the the unnamed flare here, those Philip door set who as of right now, it's going to be Chris, HOGAN, and Philip doors set. Does that translate into fantasy value for set? It's unlikely at this point of his career. You're set the fastest guy on the team, and they need someone to replace Brian cook speed. I was gonna say the best case scenario for me for Philip door set season is kind of looking like, you know, Ted Ginn previous last year or Robert Meacham or something where right, where it's like if you get the big play from Dorset on his three targets, it's valuable Agron. I don't think he's going to have a pile of targets in that offense. But yeah, it it is interesting. This was big news over the weekend Sony. Michelle. Oh, well undergo procedure on his knee after injuring it and Wednesdays, training camp practice. It will probably cost. I believe it's fluid drained from his knee. It's gonna cost him. The preseason may cost them more than that depending on who you listen to, Jeff, how from the athlete had a more negative view. I believe Schefter had a more positive you to his recovery Shifter and said ten days, but the fact that there are people reporting, this could cost them all of preseason and you take out you take from me into the regular season. You just you tell me that a rookie running back for Bill Belichick is going to miss all of training camp and all of the preseason that is troubling. You cannot you cannot possibly draft Sony, Michelle, where he has been going now is ADP will go down but saying you gotta bail out, man. If you had that plan, you were going gonna grab Michelle in the fourth or fifth round. You gotta change, change it up and keep in mind. And prior right before the draft Sony Michelle's stock was expected to drop because things were coming out of me issues and it appears, you know, after the draft everyone was joking. Oh, the patriots pro that because they draft him, they weren't worried rut row, yeah, I moved him in my dynasty, rookie rankings. He was originally my number two running back in those rankings. He's men number four. Just because of this early start to his career, you're wearing. You're weighing early risk in, you know, there's not a lot that separates those guys guys dairies guys. I had. I have them ahead now. So I, I also think that the, oh, by the way, rexburg shares see the funny thing ready is actually going to bring up the name that doesn't get brought up, Jared j. no, no, James. Yeah, because James wise just there, he's all rely -able in that offense. No Julian Edelman for the first four weeks. I think James white. If you time that up, Sonny, Michelle, maybe coming back and not getting involved. Look, Rex Burkhead gonna value and goal-line value. But I think James White's going to see some targets those first four weeks he will, but it would be a sneaky start. He will absolutely see some targets, but the the boost to Rex Burkhead. He's gonna hill shoot up at least to at least two rounds. Yeah, in average draft price. All right, ankle injury force. Randall Cobb leaf practice seem ankle that he had surgery or surgery on seven weeks ago if this is concerning. Yes, for a Packers offense that is kind of being remade from pass catcher perspective, and we hoped Randall Cobb bounce back, do what he did at the end of last year. Now, what. So on the death charts drawn OMO Allison was kinda slotted in as the third wide receiver or the the other outside starter, aside from Davante Adams. But the news out of training camp on Geronimo has been very sketchy is Toronto. Alison on the roster bubble. It's hard to know. They did reload at the wide receiver position with Jim on more Jim, Jim and economy ASEA Brown. It'd be too that if tomorrow among Jamal..

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