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Charleston to Hera Cholmondeley Tropicana and sands I can K. with your radio dot com traffic we've got a very windy Wednesday ahead of us gusts of already top forty miles an hour in some areas and they could get stronger through the day when advisory was issued early this morning it will stay in effect until early Thursday morning look for areas of blowing dust trash on the roads both hands on the steering wheel today will look for early morning clouds to clear to mostly sunny skies and highs a little bit cooler in the upper sixties I make news now weather anchor sherry Swinson for newstalk eight forty K. X. N. T. delivery you loading up on things from Walmart I use my new Capital One Walmart rewards card it is unlimited five percent back on everything I buy from Walmart online see what's five percent back five percent what with the capital one Walmart rewards card earns unlimited rewards including five percent back at Walmart online on top of America everyday low prices what's in your wallet terms and conditions apply Capital One getting life in America has changed almost overnight there's a lot of information out there about the corona virus we help you sorted out and answer the most important questions every week day with the coronavirus daily podcast interviews in advice from health experts newsmakers and authorities on a range of important topics everything you need to know summarized into one short episode get all the information you need to guide your family through the covert nineteen pandemic listen on radio dot com the radio dot com app apple podcasts Google podcasts and stitcher CBS news update after five days of negotiation in two failed votes in the Senate have a bi partisan agreement on the largest rescue package in American history minority leader Chuck Schumer after both parties of the white house agreed on a two year trillion dollar relief package early this morning New York City of course is the epicenter for Kobe at nineteen with most cases in the country Dr Jon LaPook is there this is a city where people are kind of on top of each other very densely packed and so the virus can spread more quickly people have wondered about whether the viruses on surfaces like in the subway metal could last for a few days into New York does not have a monopoly on this hospitalized to use your full in Atlanta mayor Keisha lance bottoms this required we have.

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