Officer, Mr Blak, President Trump discussed on Mark Belling


Be holding a rally didn't want this guy's side where their rally was going on as i say you've got to go to the return of the capital it is it's it's a looney bed is what it is his report here the report continues through the police reported the crime of the century and medicine i felt their request as reasonable at i know other displays of temporarily moved in the past i did context argentinians asserted of this and explained by reasoning it mr blank signed was right behind her table and she didn't want people to think that they endorsed or refill the added with the information contained the sign i didn't take the complainants information i did tell mr blank about the search madam stance is moving aside he told me he thought that was reasonable verification appropriate i contacted another police officer to confirm that mr blanket a permit she told me she was submit your with him that he did permit number and here's a permit for the side the guy as they have a permit for the side that he leaves and the capital 2017 p y what eightyfour she told me he basically has one for the entire year other information it should be noted that mr blak's i was very critical of president trump us house speaker paul ryan governor scott walker had the gop in general representative call yang is listed as a republican for the fourteen th district video of his top goes at his check yeah here we are in milwaukee your car is still the you better hope that the police mike chased the guide stole here car you know you have your garage broken into he called 911 a day and a half later somebody might show up and this but if you're in the capital in your own old lefty code and somebody takes your side we've got the police force added the guy goes and he finds the video later in the afternoon as it formed by officer another officer that there are cameras in the and then mentions the or in the capital i was unaware of this due to my assignment at the governor's office at the tide.

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