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Mrs yellowhammer news good morning i'm andrea thais some of alabama's congressional delegates are responding to president trump's decision yesterday to withdraw the us from the iran nuclear deal representative martha roby supports the president's decision roby says it's no secret that iran never stopped its nuclear weapon program and says it's imperative to reinstate the economic sanctions against that country representative robert aderholt says it's a puzzle how the original nuclear agreement under president obama even benefited the us in any way considering the pallets of cash sent over to a state sponsor of terrorism and representative bradley byrne also praised the president's decision president obama should never have pursued it separately kerry were wrong to push it away did and now what we've got is an agreement that should never been in the congress and the president or saying no to you as attorney general jeff sessions is calling on businesses to stop hiring illegal immigrants and raise wages in order to attract american workers sessions spoke in gatlinburg tennessee to law enforcement officers sessions cited recent arrests in that state of illegal immigrants who were working at a meat processing plant session says a business should not benefit from being located in the united states only to look for illegal workers from other countries in order to avoid paying a fair wage sessions said there will be no more winking and nodding at illegal immigration and a report coming from yonhap news agency says that three americans detained in the country of north korea will be released today this comes ahead of a summit planned between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un this news is brought to you by attorney alexander shinohara a man for the people for more alabama stories go to yellowhammer news dot com i'm andrea ties attorney general steve marsh a tough prosecutor who's fighting alongside president trump to uphold the rule of law.

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