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Gone looking here it's what what was from heat war with an excellent well here's the thing is he he had it a prequel run here goes the fan sleepers cameras off forget sleepers not bad marvin's room awful cop land he's good granted that a huge row graham wag the dog yeah uh jackie brown his phenomenal it unbelievable uh and then of course this is one move we could do a complete other podcasts about this movie but ronen well you know i feel about ronen also one of the first grade dvds at one of the alltime great came to the grace chase scenes ever as actually has a couple of great wrote is actually the last one row ronen is is is literally last night the somewhere route some he was making too many movies and somewhere around that time it stop feeling a special dinner was in a movie and i'm not sure when yeah but now it's like pretty much when he does a a david russell movies pretty good but otherwise it's just kind of crap both of those guys had rigged that so that when they released a movie i remember when sea of love was coming out as like pacinos battle my god ss amazing yeah because it does when those guys are take two or three years of trieste yet and that dinner is making labour's there does that now's daily lewis yeah heat too juliette still hot heat to blow the from wherever he still around the corner three years that dead the deers passage arrows fine he has a mere still saved them they blood transfusion hollywood abida heat to natalie portman characters a cop now.

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