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Inclusion and leadership speakers with an expansion of services offered they came up with a new name new website and a renewed passion for what they do. Whether, it's a kickoff meeting that needs some spark a conference that needs a keynote speaker, a virtual program in need of engaged in engaging leadership expert or a team in need of some wellness training. Molly Plotkin. Group is there to help here for your listening pleasure or the self-made strategies of Molly Plotkin Hey, molly. How are you? Married returnee. Thank you so much for having me on today. Thanks for joining us. This is really cool. Thank you for coming on. Obviously, you're joining US remotely were still obeying social distancing waters and we appreciate your time. This is also being recorded via zoom to be posted to youtube as well. So those of you who are listening can now follow self-made strategies on Youtube and we'll soon have video page up as well. So you. Can See Molly in the flesh remotely of course but thanks again for joining us. So walk us back. You started in two thousand and four. You've been around for seventeen years with Molly plotkin group I not gone through some iterations, but tell us about the very beginning. so you decide that you are going to start this one stop sports. Marketing Agency focused specifically on Athlete appearances and keynotes. How did you get your first client? Sure. Honestly, it's a very serendipitous story. It's one of those where you say you can't believe it's true but it is. At, the time I was helping someone in the finance industry with their marketing. Bottom line is we were thinking how do you think clients in way that different in will be that something unique I did something they can i? Came up with the idea unique. Areas. So experiential brand marketing is all the rage right now but go back fifteen, sixteen years ago. No one was really talking about that. So it was along those lines that while talking to this person, one of their clients was a huge sports fan. So at the time, I had met the wife of a local area sports caster and hit simply said to her who runs the agency that represents athletes. So in Philadelphia such sports town, where do we go if we're looking to connect with alumni athletes someone who? Maybe? A legend but they played twenty years ago. For private dinner something along the lines. She said there isn't one and I said, well, there should be. and. Honest to goodness the next day. I thought. Why not no one's doing it. This is the time. So she and I actually became business partners and we ran the company together for three years. How really started was I represented one person And it was Michael Barkin so I was representing Michael. About three weeks into representing him, the Eagles win the playoffs for the first time in forever many years and as he's on the air now we've got two weeks before they go to Jacksonville. I simply texted him and I said, this is back when texting A. B. C. You have to. Attack A. Message we've been waiting for the phone to terrain if anyone was looking for sports caster..

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