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Inside the church of saint mary magdalen in eighteen. Ninety one baron. Jay air became obsessed with their significance. He alerted his confidante and superior his bishop monsignor biard who urged the priests to travel to paris. Their sonia met with manuscript expert to gain a better understanding of the parchments. We aren't exactly sure what was discussed at this meeting. But afterwards sonia rushed to the louvre museum and purchased the reproductions of three paintings. The most significant was a sixteen. Thirty eight portrait by nicholas. Bussan entitled the arcadian shepherds the painting depicts four. People gathered around a rural tomb on the grave is a plaque that says et in arcadia ego. Meaning even in arcadia there. My sonia was certain there was a connection between the parchment the painting and the town of reynolds chateau although what that link was remained uncertain for decades. But this purchase wasn't the priests only mysterious move. When he returned to ren lucia to-. Sonia made a note of another meeting in his diary. It was between himself. The secretary to monsignor vr and antoine jellies a priest from a nearby town. The only thing he wrote in that journal alongside the date and names was the word secret around the same time soon year employed his close friend and former roommate marie dinar no as his housekeeper. Aside from monsignor biard marine was sonia's sole confidant. The two were constantly seen in each other's company. To the point where other townspeople called her the priests madonna. It's very possible that the two had a romantic relationship during this time. It wasn't unheard of for priests to marry in secret but if that information went public so near could have lost his priesthood and given that marie never seemed to have any romantic relationships of her own. Well you can draw your own conclusions. Whatever their relationship was. It became clear to the public that marie had benefited from sonia because after his return from paris he began to open his pocket book. A lot sewn year went from eating charity of his parishioners to living in luxury he purchased fashionable clothes from paris entertained guests and lavish parties and drank rum from jamaica. No one had the slightest idea of where his fortune had come from and it didn't stop there so near bought the property surrounding the church and constructed new buildings including a medieval style tower. He named tour magdala which he used as his personal library. He also built a glass greenhouse and was said to keep exotic pets and of course he constructed a new manor called villa tanya which was a home that would end up being solely for marie darnall. In fact the oddest part of the entire project. Was that everything he bought and built was put in murray's name. It's possible that. Sonia was trying to hide his extra income and the source of where it came from or he may simply assume that he would die before marie if he titled the properties in her name then she wouldn't be held accountable to pay an inheritance tax later on either way son. Years expenditures seemed checkered. Whenever someone asked where. The money came from sonia alluded to anonymous benefactors. As a priest he claimed he was bound by confidentiality of the confessional. Many also found sewn years decorative bit suspicious even to this day just inside the church. Entrance stands a statue of the demon s. Modena's the guardian of treasure. Perhaps this was a reference to sonia's misbegotten wealth. Sonia also had a sign placed above the church entrance that reads. Terry bolus s locus east day. Latin for this is a place of awe or this place is terrible. It was ominous allusions like these that have led some conspiracy theorists to believe that so near new. A dangerous hits about the catholic church but it wasn't just his lavish changes to the property that kept the locals. Talking far more interesting was what sewn year and marie were seeing doing at night namely digging in the church's graveyard during one of these excavations so near supposedly damage the headstone of marie blanche for the woman who shared the oath pool. Secret from the crusades. Now this could have been an accident or they could have been searching around blanche force headstone for more clues. In the great mystery so near wanted to solve suspiciously marie blanche force small headstone while not marking her. Actual tomb did have a connection to one of the paintings. He purchased marie blanche ford's headstone reportedly read et in arcadia ego the same inscription from the plaque on the tomb and poussant sixteen thirty eight of art. Whether or not so. Near and marie uncovered anything remains a mystery but they did upset more than a few people in relish a toe. They're digging made the townspeople so angry. They received letters begging them to stop. Many were afraid. Their ancestors remains were being disturbed in the process and yet so near ignored their requests which seemed to be to his benefit because in eighteen ninety one. Sonia wrote another clue in his diary to found the church. Renovations were finally completed. Eighteen ninety seven ten years.

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