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Yeah. I think that's absolutely genuine. Both from conversations on off the record with him and also conversations. You know i've i've heard secondhand that he's had with other people privately just about long-term hopes of living here Again that doesn't mean he won't leave but also means down like you know some of the football coaches that have been here He doesn't have a foot out the door just trying to succeed to get himself. Yell launched outta here so yeah absolutely. It's going to always be a topic of conversation but hey if was good enough that a big time power five is calling nico bet that means things are going really really well so the thing i always say is don't worry about you can't control it. I enjoy the success if it does come at that level because you know that's a tough thing to do it is and as we continue our conversation here with kevin lionel out of the colorado and i'm going to go back to bobo here. Eight always felt like bobo was was just trying to prove himself to get to that next job. You know like you said it doesn't really feel like that with medved which i think that will when that day does come in. Hopefully it's not for a while but hopefully we had the success that we saw last year because last year's team was very fun to watch their back this year. That rams fans no matter what are going to really enjoy having looking back and saying look. Michael medved was a great guy. We appreciate what he did. And it's on to the next one for him. Obviously we didn't see that with bo-bo. Yeah i mean again. Part of it is just football. You can't there's there's kind of a ceiling as like but yeah. Jim mcelwain mike. Bobo certainly came to see us you with the intention of winning and launching themselves up and again there's nothing really wrong with that. That's the system that you know college. Football is set up. Med vet is doing everything. Fan could wind. I mean it's a young you know while they're now pre experienced but the likable entertaining team. That obviously wins You know the kids it's a. It's a fun group to be around. It's a bunch of likable players. So yeah see a few fans. I can't wait for me to be reopened. Because it's such a bummer. That fans can be there for this really impressive last season. So i'm i'm thinking that that place is going to be jumping this year as it should be about. Be law fun to get back to. I think it absolutely will be and should be. I mean hell. I'm excited for it. I'm going to have to to get a couple of the media. Passes that we get to go over there and enjoy because just sitting there watching them even on the on the mountain west network and and you're seeing the energy with this team and i think that had to.

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