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Number of countries or imposing travel bans on Britain, where if new, fast spreading variant of Corona virus was detected. Turkey is the latest to suspend all flights from the U. K. European Union ambassadors or to meet for emergency talks on Monday to work out a common strategy Gavin Lee reports. The same strain has been detected in small numbers in Denmark and the Netherlands in the past three weeks, all thought to have originated from cases in the southeast of England. This morning, The Dutch government was first to act banning flights entering the country from the UK until the new year from midnight tonight. Belgium will stop all flights as well as trains both ways on the Eurostar. Republic of Ireland is also set to impose his own restrictions on flights and fairies from the British mainland. Theater. Aliens and German governments have confirmed that there are also introduced flight bands but are yet to give more details. Republican and Democratic leaders in the U. S. Congress say they're close to finalizing a $900 billion package. Of coronavirus relief measures. The plan is to merge the coronavirus stimulus package with measures that cover federal spending for the rest off the fiscal year they needed to avoid a partial government shutdown that would begin at midnight. The Senate Minority leader, Chuck Schumer said vote could happen within the next few hours. There are a few out issues outstanding, but I'm quite hopeful that we're closing in on an outcome. It appears that boring a major mishap. Senate and House will be able to vote on final legislation as early as tonight. I'm happy to report we have surmounted the final, largest turtle and unending is in sight. The U. N force in the Central African Republic says three rebel groups advancing towards the capital Bungie have been halted president forced on our couch toward ERA, has insisted next week's general election will go ahead. Mary Harper reports a spokesman for the U. N force that the situation's under control with rebels, leaving a number of town seized in the past few days. The party of former President Francois Bozize a has denied he's trying to overthrow the government. On Saturday, the authorities accused him of trying to stage a coup by marching on the capital with the rebel alliance. Civilians have been fleeing the rebel advance, adding to the vast numbers of people displaced by years of violence. A rights group in Belarus says more than 140 people have been detained during the latest round of demonstrations against Alexander Luca Shankar. The country's authoritarian leader. Many was seized on the streets and bundled into cars or vans. Most attentions were in the capital, Minsk, where people gathered in scattered groups to demand Mr Lukashenko's resignation. But there were also arrests in cities and tongues, including Grodno on smell of itchy. BBC News. This is w. N. Y. C in New York. Good afternoon on my own, Levinson. New York City public advert Germany. Williams says he's contracted hepatitis eight. He tweeted yesterday that he thought when he became sick. A few weeks ago, it was covert 19. But he says bad food cause him to get happy tie to say the virus is known to spread through food and water does not typically chronic, like other forms of hepatitis, and Williams says he expects to be 100% better soon. Members of Suffolk County Police Department will go to Ferguson, Ferguson rather Missouri next month to lead a training on implicit bias in policing Wushu is Charles Lane reports. It comes four years after Suffolk entered into a federal agreement over its own biased policing. Justice Department found many problems and stuff ex policing of Latinos and ordered that the department trained officers in unconscious racial bias. Suffolk says it consulted with researchers and police departments around the country and developed a curriculum that it says incorporates the best material available. Briscoe mentioned Lewis's deputy Police Commissioner Department. Justice chose Suffolk County out of all the other trainings and said this training the basing the rest is the best one. Transplant. Neither the Justice Department nor the city of Ferguson immediately responded to queries. Various bike lanes inside walks across the city are still full of snow several days after last week's nor'easter Gothamist reports some six under temporary snow. Cleanup workers are out today, removing snow from street corners, pedestrian areas and bike lanes and will continue tomorrow. Alternate side parking rules are suspended through Christmas for snow removal, but residents are concerned about bike lanes and intersections with deep snow and slush, which are causing dangerous conditions. Sanitation Department says after the roads and streets are plowed and salted, it will address bike lanes and pedestrian walkways. Using smaller plows will also deploy team of 600 workers to clear the sidewalks. It's 406 Hello and welcome to news out from the BBC World Service..

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