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Smith dropping a little bit. But we've talked about that with the frame that could cause him to slide a little bit man talk about having a receiving core there in arizona. Goodness gracious that'd be fun to watch and then the other one i think is fascinating. It's just mack. Jones go onto washington. I'm curious to see where he ultimately ends up. I have kind of more than that second round buck but man accurate efficient great decision maker. You love the work ethic. All the intangibles are off the charts. The question is is there. Enough is enough juice in his arm and his legs to warrant that. Yeah i think this is like the same thing when you talk about ron rivera. And what they wanna do and washington with their franchise. They won't guys that are cultural fits. Emag jones is work ethic intangibles. He's all of those things that they talk. They talk about and also just notice. I mean the washington fourteen they love alabama players turned down to alabama fleet when they've had a chance the mag jones because the player to the in the first round for the washington. That's a that's a good point there bucker. Let's go twenty one through twenty five indianapolis colts christian derek offensive tackle from virginia tech. Twenty two the tennessee. Titans aziz azure ari edge. Rusher from georgia at twenty. Three new york jets take travis. Ntn running back from clemson. Twenty four the pittsburgh steelers nick bolton linebacker from missouri and twenty five jacksonville jaguars christian bar more defensive tackle from alabama. Like what you did hear. Deira side of the colts make sense. You lose your left tackle to retirement with costanzo you go ahead and replace them right here with the twenty first pick. They do that with christian. Tarasov all right. How about twenty six to thirty twenty six thirty twenty six. The cleveland browns exerting collins linebacker from tulsa twenty seven. The baltimore ravens. Take one of the i think. He's underrated jalen phillips. Depressant lama from miami. Is someone that i am fascinated by him. Twenty eight the new orleans saints trevor. More safety from tcu at twenty nine..

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