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Back to read it now in the traffic center. Updating the situation in Maryland on westbound 50 delays from one 97 trying to after the freeway airport at the enterprise road overpass the crash in the right lane. We also have major delays along southbound I 97, headed after route three trying to make your way all the way to route 50. You may be under police direction for the crash that seems like it's in the area of the ramp to eastbound 50, but that is a solid backup on I 97. It might be a good idea to take an alternate route instead of southbound I 97. Also, in the district, the westbound freeway before the third street tunnel, that is a report of a wreck. That's causing major delays as well. I two 95 is slow near joint base anacostia bowling, headed on to the 11th street bridge trying to get past that area, also southbound D.C. two 95. Slows off of both 50 and the BW Parkway. That had passed these capital street, then the delay from Pennsylvania avenue onto the inbound 11th street bridge. If you're on the suitland Parkway that, delay begins after silver hill road, headed into the district, but now pass the light at Stanton road, headed all the way across the Douglas bridge onto south capitol street, inbound canal road after Clark placed the crash had been along the right side. Also watch out for the problem that had been on the Clara Barton Parkway at the chain bridge. This was a broken down vehicle still seeing major delays on the inbound Clara Barton Parkway. One 23 also incredibly slow trying to make your way to the chain bridge as well. Now, in Virginia, on 95, delays in Springfield headed on to three 95 toward king street, then near The Pentagon, headed across the 14th street bridge. The interlude of the beltway is slow off of I 95 headed into annadale than from 66 and off the toll road toward Georgetown pike. It is the outer loop of the beltway after river road, the broken down vehicle in the left lane, those outer loop delays begin all the way near three 55 in the southbound two 70 back up as near shady grove road, headed all the way onto the spur to join this delay on the outer loop. Attention contractors and technicians northeastern supply is opening in beltville around the corner from MLK middle school. Visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing HVAC water systems and PVF needs. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO traffic. The forecast with storm team four a meteorologist Chad Merrill. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to work, there is dense fog out there and drizzle that is limiting visibility, temperatures this morning rising through the 60s. We will have a few

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