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You've got a bona fide outfield now i love jay bruce you gotta love cesspits if if if if if that pitching why can't we compete for awhile if they can is allotted easy get live there the second worst era baseball leicester's are worse whatever all they have to be significantly better than that if they are sure they can compete for a second la carte spot as far as lineups concern if michael conforto didn't have the grotesque injury last year and probably look at this line of very different but michael conforto is going to be out for a while and brendan nymo i'm actually excited about bread the nimmo legitimately yet in a shot the play every day because i'm curious right i n because even in sugar farmers leadoffhitter he's gotta be were you think of that he has the but it has to be nymo right because one thing that naval does do very well he gets on me but i am curious to see what nemo whiz but i think that's going to be the big question what kind of production of getting out of center field and you've brought this up a million times in your right is your way to stay in healthy that's it he's got to play minimum modern forty games and he's got to be good he's gotta you have is that you know you know in the in the right place and he's got to have an mvp type season area the bottom line we we have all had opinions on what the mets you do offensively second base third base you know mccaw chen we had a caller mentioned earlier i didn't want todd frazier eduardo nunez here's the bottom line it all comes down to the pitch india and i own just don't mean the rotation and that's this bullpen here and i love the fact that mickey callaway as saying when not having a close her i love it what's up he sticks that well the red sox tried a decade a gun and stick to it so i think that it i think the agency do it even is chairman is fantastic i david robertson tommy canley now you've got guys why not if i need to use chairman in the seventh inning i should use chapman in the seventh inning but i have no idea what that the manager and.

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