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Collision at forty eighth street and Thunderbird no forget Glendale shut down its sixty First Avenue do that fire Grand Avenue Bethany home northern state all work this report sponsored by lows pros do it right by shopping at Lowe's to save on the supplies they need most from the brands they trust to get the job done you would write for let's start with lows very Lewis KTAR news we are an eighty seven overnight one ten over the weekend and no rain in the forecast until the first of the week it's one hundred eight in Apache junction weather brought you by Howard air every day you get three KTAR news expansions eight noon and five fifteen minutes of commercial free nonstop news traffic and weather brought to you by renters warehouse list invest rent and Becky Lynn on Arizona's news station KTAR news Arizona afternoon news with imagine Gatos C. A. R. news ninety two three of them Floyd and Monica hello Lloyd Monica hello Gatos soccer lane can you play the open again can I tried again against Arizona afternoon news with matching Gatos C. A. R. news ninety two three S. M. our state of Florida Monica KTAR let's get the show over with all right we're here until six o'clock let's see we've got gut check time we've got sounds the week coming up towards the end of the show and you know we have to talk about first but first it was a dot dot dot that was coming up with those crazy signs love it okay because remember any of them he's in guacamole that was the big one that started in driving go together like peas guacamole yeah I saw the genius one the other day telling me that if I own a truck which I don't and if I have chains which I don't to make sure not to park it in tall grass because I start a forest not to drag chains the ground okay thanks eight on who knew so when everybody sees that a dot sign they take pictures of anything then they crashed their car that's like a what happens all right do you take a picture see so the city of Phoenix has taken a page out of a dot and now they're getting clever or so they think and we've got a lot of construction projects around Phoenix more than two hundred fifty major street miles and a total of sixteen hundred fifty miles will be re paved by June of twenty twenty three so you're seeing this out there they could have done at least a couple more miles but they had to make the stupid signs so when you go past some of their construction they're going to put up the signs that allude to certain movies like Star Wars yeah right then I'm talking about yeah here's the first one we have signs that say new pavement is coming to a galaxy near you great all right we have signs that say new pavement is coming to a galaxy near you leasing nude payment.

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