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Eight or nine tonight at on the lottery ticket nine one nine one nine. bingo about that I thought I'd point out I'll go to you know what that's another thing Marty could call bingo games around the area you know I would you know again at your house yeah he's going just in case they need him he could go let's let's pick a parish. St Margaret of York. Thomas Moore. Saint Columban he could just keep going around all these parishes into bingo Bellevue vets down there by Gary Jeff thought Bellview Jeff bets absolutely order. he could. go to Turfway park. the new Mike Battaglia you could be the new Mike Battaglia about Marty calling a horse race and they're off. and this one belongs to. I see it but I don't yeah this one belongs to I see it but I don't believe it you know one of those deals. I don't think this guy is anything to worry about after Thursday we come up with some great ideas here I hope you I'm I'm sure somebody's listening and they're right a mall down and they're going to give a huge list of Iraqi that were obvious bucket list for reading rest of time I think he's right now he's not going to go any more traders to stay here and. just be Marty I mean stand out there on a traffic island out there in Montgomery road wave to people ordered various Kroger's just be you know you're the parent of Kroger to us that's a sponsor his I'm just telling you. we thought it would be to have Marty Brennaman.

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